THIS is how we created the new RAWTalk intro:

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For the past few years I have been using the same intro for almost every video...that has officially changed now that Todd whipped together what I think is the best video intro we have ever had. If you have’t seen it yet, it’s posted in the video above.

Recently I put out CES coverage people were asking how did we have time to film all those amazing Vegas strip videos? The simple answer is we didn’t film them, we used a site called VideoBlocks to get royalty FREE clips to cut in with the footage we did film. I have been a paying subscriber to VideoBlocks for a year now ever since Todd Wolfe recommended checking them out.

To be 100% transparent I reached out to VideoBlocks to see if we could team up to offer you as a Fro Reader a 7-day FREE trial membership followed by a special discounted price for the year. Like I have said many times before, I only work with companies who’s products I personally use. I have been a paying VideoBlocks customer for over a year and Todd has been one for almost three.

If you are not familiar with VideoBlocks or why you might want to check them out it’s simple:

VideoBlocks is a premium archive of over 115,000 royalty free movie and studio quality background loops, video clips, video temples, special effects and more. As I and so many others venture into DSLR video and editing I find myself always looking for extra little clips to cut in. VideoBlocks has pretty much all the clips I need and they are royalty free which means you can use them for ANYTHING from YouTube to movies to TV shows and even commercials.

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VideoBlocks has more than paid for itself over the last year for Todd, Stephen and I. Having a repository for so many royalty FREE clips has enabled us to take the quality of our videos to a new level. Give the trial a shot, I think once you use one clip you will see how the service will pay for itself.