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Vivian Maier Film is Coming SOON

Sometime last year the photography community started to hear about one of the greats photographers of the 20th Century that no one has ever heard of. Here name is Vivian Maier and her work is breathtaking. What is even more breathtaking is the fact her work laid hidden in storage lockers for countless decades before they were discovered and introduced to the world.

In the trailer below the emotion and story behind the images starts to come out. I sat here with tingles running up my spine when I saw the quality of her work. For someone to have taken 150,000 photographs, many of which were never printed is just astonishing.

What was she thinking? Was she one day going to share these images with the world or did she just love capturing the world around her and that was enough. Could you image taking images today and never looking at them again only to store them on hardrives?

Wow this story is just so amazing and I can not wait to watch this documentary.

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