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Photo of the Week - A waffle house tradition

I have now taken the road trip to Austin TX for SXSW three times. The first two times Ari and I traveld with a band and this last time around it was Ari and I.

We have a tradition of stopping at waffle houses along the way. I love capturing images of bands at waffle houses or anywhere behind the scens for that matter. There is something about capturing images of bands in places where most fans never get to see them.

I was able to capture two amazing what I would consider classic images on prior trips that I was not in. This year being that it was just Ari and I, I set up the tri pod, set the camera, hit the timmer and got in the frame for the shot. I am really happy with the moment that was captured and it continues a great tradition of waffle house photos.

Some of you may notice that the lights up top are nice and straight but near the bottom and the table you will see that its not as straight as it could have been. If you look closer when editing you will see that I should have tried to do a better job lining up the angles with the tiles and lines on the floor. I will say that I was trying to set this up from the side as I had to put the tripod right up against a table.

This image was captured with the Nikon D3s (one of its final images for me) and the Nikon 14-24 2.8.

FroKnowsPhoto Waffle House Tradition
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