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What happens when you put a 512 Gig​ CF card into the Nikon​ D4s?

Recently LEXAR sent me some cards to play with including the insanely expensive and high capacity 512 GIG CF Card. ($879.99)

Before todays shoot I thought I would see how many RAW files that would give me and that number was the mind blowing 13,800!!!! Well after posting that video on Facebook someone asked how many JPEGS that would be and that answer is 314,000.

That means theoretically you could shoot on one card for pretty much the full life of a cameras shutter. Now you wouldn’t do that but just the sheer volume of photos is hurting my head.

Video One showing how many RAW Files. See the video above for how many JPEGS you can get.

What happens when you put a 512 Gig Lexar CF card into the Nik…What happens when you put a 512 Gig Lexar CF card into the Nikon D4s? Insanity that’s what!!!! Im not sure I would do this as a primary card but probably would as a backup slot. It does take almost 20 seconds to format so my concern would be if it will not be ready when i need it.

Posted by Fro Knows Photo on Monday, April 6, 2015