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What is Inspiration

What is inspiration, where does it come from? This is an interesting question, sometimes it comes from places we understand and other times it surprises you. When you least expect it, on a day where many things are going the wrong way it presents itself.

What is it about inspiration that can totally wash away all the fear and worry to leave you ready to do something great? Is it biological, is the brain doing something to our body to make a sudden change in our mood? Did a switch go off where one second you’re down and the other you’re inspired to do something great?

Could it be a smile from a random person or a note from someone unexpected? Is it love or the idea that love may be out there somewhere that keeps you striving for more? Is it love for a person or a feeling that rushes over you?

Inspiration is very strong, when the moment hits you you are flying very very high. Its what you do in those moments that defines what you are going to do. Are you going to finally take those ideas that have been locked away in your head for years and work to make them a reality? Are you going to go after that dream you have had and put off for far to long?

It is not easy to take those risks and chances, some people will feel the inspiration and enjoy it for a while but in the end let it go. Others will feel it but quickly lock it away out of fear. And then others will be driven to take that inspiration and make something out of it no matter what. And guess what, if you fail this time and the next time and the time after that, that’s ok.

That’s ok because that inspiration will find you once again and and once again you will take that leap of faith. One day it will work, you will make it work, you will have been inspired and soon you will be the one inspiring.