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What's In My I SHOOT RAW Camera Bag (Ad)

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Introducing the limited edition custom I SHOOT RAW ThinkTank Retrospective 30 shoulder bag. The Retrospective 30 is my personal all time favorite shoulder bag to shoot out of. Whether I am shooting a wedding, concert, sporting event, portrait session or just out and about exploring the world. This bag holds as little or as much gear as I would like to take with me.

20150716_my_bag_013When I approached ThinkTank about making a bag for me I didn’t want them to simply slap my name on their existing bag and call it a day. The bag had to be different, unique and up to the standards I was looking for. What makes the I SHOOT RAW shoulder bag unique from all other previous shoulder bags from ThinkTank is the material that was used. This bag uses a “ballistic nylon” which is stronger than the canvas used on prior bags. Not only do I think this material looks better but it will last longer because it is stronger than the canvas as well. On the front of the bag there is an I SHOOT RAW embroidered right into the flap (medium grey thread). On one side of the bag there is a FroKnowsPhoto logo stealthily embroidered. Inside you have the same great dividers and inserts that ThinkTank is known for. There is red piping, a rain coat and exclusive only to the I SHOOT RAW bag is a FREE peewee pixel pocket rocket with big embroidered I SHOOT RAW. DSC_1601

This shoulder bag could be the last shoulder bag you ever purchase. I say that because it’s built to last, the materials are top notch and you will not outgrow it.

If you are a beginner or amateur who only has a few pieces of equipment I highly recommend you don’t purchase a bag just big enough to fit what you own now. You should be buying a bag that leaves you plenty of room to grow so you don’t have to spend more20150716_my_bag_026 money in the future when you outgrow or your bag breaks. This I SHOOT RAW bag is the bag that you purchase once and you will have for many many years.

If you are a pro like me or someone who has a lot of gear to take with them on shoots, this bag is for you as well. I fit an entire pro kit and more into this bag. I always have my D4s with a 24-70 2.8 on it in the center portion of the bag. On either side of the camera I place a 70-200 2.8 and a 14-24 2.8. That’s just the inside of the bag. On the front side I can place even more lenses or two extra pro bodies in the pouches. There are also zip compartments on the back as well as inside the flap. This is a bag built for you as a full time pro.

I have been using ThinkTank for the past ten years without issue. To finally have my very own I SHOOT RAW ThinkTank bag means a lot. You can pick yours up right now in the store.