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Why I make BIG ASS prints

As of late it seems that people have forgotten how amazing BIG ASS PRINTS can look. A lot of people and businesses have moved away from real photographic prints to LCD TVs that hang on the wall to show images. This is sad, images were mean to be printed big and enjoyed opposed to on a LCD screen where your vertical images are given no justice.

I feel that big prints show a quality to the work that a photographer is doing. They make an impression, a lasting impression that says that your images are strong enough to be printed this large.

I think printing large is a testament to understanding photography and how to process your images. Many people forget how important processing is, photography does not stop when you press the button, it stops after you add your style to the image. Your editing is just as important and sometimes more important than getting your settings right.

If you have never printed large I think you should give it a shot. There are a ton of places that print inexpensive poster prints and as you know is one of those. But like everything else just because its less expensive does not mean its the right fit for you. I personally get my big ass prints done at and they are dam expensive. The prints I am talking about are the ones larger than 20×30 which most online places do not offer.

The moral of the story is don’t forget about printing your work. Your images don’t want to be relegated to your iphone, ipad, computer or tv screen in an office. They want to be printed big for the world to see that you create amazing quality work.