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Your Best "Portrait" Photos

This is the second request I have given on Facebook to see your “BEST”…. Photos. This time around I asked to see your Best “Portraits” and to post them on Facebook. If you missed the request on Facebook please be sure to make sure you are following my posts on Facebook.

There ended up being over 900 images and comments added to which is fantastic. (Click Here to see the Facebook Post) I went ahead and looked at the first 50 and gave my opinion and critique. But I highly recommend that you continue looking past the top 50 as there are plenty of other solid images to view.

One of the reasons I really enjoy these type of videos and posts is that other people get to see your work. This is a great opportunity to pick up admirers of your work and for you to follow others. People are always asking how to I get people to engage with me and the answer is simple. POST QUALITY and Engaging work and the people will follow.

This is a series that I am going to continue and I hope you enjoy seeing other peoples work.