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How To Jump To A SPECIFIC Time On YouTube In The Description Or Comment

I could not figure out how to create timed links in my YouTube description that would allow readers to quickly jump right to that time. I thought I had to add the full link along with the time to jump to but that was taking to much time and didn’t work properly.

I did a quick search with not to much luck until I found one random video that solved my problem. I was thinking way to hard about this and it is as simple as leaving the time you want to jump to in a comment or description.

For example let’s jump to 1:12 and BOOM, it takes you right there.

If you are leaving a comment about something happening in the video at 0:59 you would just type that in and bam, you’re done.

Pretty simple stuff that I was over complicating. I hope this helps you out in your own videos and comments.