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CES 2015 Recap – NOT the Typical BORING Coverage… I almost Punched Someone, where’s the bathroom?

Jared Polin January 13, 2015 Comments Off

I can tell you I get pretty tired of seeing the same old typical boring coverage from photo and tech shows. You know what I’m talking about, the ones that drone on with sales people “selling” you their products and just putting you to sleep.

When I decided to go to CES 2015 I knew I had to do the coverage different. I would not talk to one sales person on camera and I would have FUN, make fun and do whatever I wanted to do while at the show.

What I can tell you is our coverage turned out better than I could ever have imagined. I got to the end of the video and honestly thought I could have watched more if there was more, that was my goal.

Oh yea, I almost punched someone who kept getting in my way while attempting to make a video. You can see that section in the outtakes and bloopers.

We stopped by at so many random booths but I will list a few that we hit. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, DJI, Stern Pinball, Listec, Nature Bound, Phillips and many many more.

Thank you to Squarespace for making Mobile RAWtalk from Las Vegas possible. Click Here for RAWtalk 115

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RAWtalk is coming to FLORIDA!!!!! Jan 20th

Jared Polin January 12, 2015 Comments Off


What Is Pluck and PULL Foam? Postman FRO

Jared Polin January 11, 2015 Comments Off

For anyone who has owned a Pelican case you know there are two options for the inside. You have the regular inserts which you can place your gear in. Or you can get it with Pluck and Pull foam which allows you to design the inside any way you would like.

Pluck and Pull is great but you have to remember there is no going back. Once you pluck and pull it, that’s the way it will have to stay. This is the best way to protect your gear since it hugs it ever so snuggly.

Pelican makes all types of cases from super small to EXTREMELY LARGE. What is great about their product is it has a lifetime warranty on all parts no matter how old your case is.

What method do you use for your cases?

Nikon D5500 and Nikon 300 F4 VR PF Lens Hands On from CES 2015

Jared Polin January 9, 2015 Comments Off

I got my first hands on with withe Nikon D5500 and Nikon 300 F4 VR PF lens at CES 2015.

The Nikon D5500 Hands On was pretty surprising as I did not expect it to be as light as it was. It was almost as if it did not have a battery in it but it did. Like I said in the preview of that camera one of the only major changes was the addition of a 3.2 in. touch screen.

What I can tell you about the screen is that it was extremely responsive. I did not expect it to feel like a regular screen that I can simply touch. There was no lag from the time I touched it to scrolled it or anything along those lines.

But if you think it will allow you to do better touch focus for video it’s not as good as the Canon’s that let you do so. For the preview of the D5500 please click here.

Lightroom Spot Removal Tool

Adam Lerner January 7, 2015 Comments Off

In this video I show you guys some advanced editing features in Lightroom using the Healing Brush Tool to retouch a portrait and demonstrate how you can adjust the opacity slider for great results.

Often times, you want to heal or clone a section of a photo without replacing the information. Meaning, you want to retain some of the original information from the image where you apply your edit.

When using the healing / cloning brush, Lightroom very intuitively samples from a similar region of the photo, however you can easily grab the pin from the sampled area and move the selection to better suit your needs. You can also adjust the opacity of the repair so that it will blend with the photo to keep it looking realistic.

Then there are times when you want the opacity at 100% so that when you clone / heal an area, you will replace the information from another area. This is great for removing blemishes.

I show you both techniques in this video by adjusting the opacity of the brush tool.

Here’s the keyboard shortcuts I use in this video.

Q for the healing / cloning brush tool
H to show / hide the pins
[ to decrease the size of the selector
] to increase the size of the selector
Z to zoom in or out of the photo

Click the link to see the edited photo 500px.

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