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The EASY way to Color Calibrate your monitor

How many times have you wondered how do you color calibrate your monitor but you thought it was going to be to hard? DigiRichie shows us how simply and quick it is to get your monitor calibrated in just a few minutes.

We used the X-rite color munki which is a middle of the road monitor calibrator. What is cool about this particular model is the fact that it has an ambient light sensor. This means not only can it calibrate your monitor but it can control the brightness depending on the lighting environment you are in.

I personally have never calibrated any of my monitors. I’ve had PC monitors going back 15 years and the last few generations of iMacs all without every being calibrated. I have printed hundreds if not thousands of prints that I have been extremely happy with.

But I am also not doing jobs that require the perfect color for example, clothing. If are shooting clothing for reproduction you have to be spot on. Because if someone says the dress is gold and white but it’s really black and blue you might have an issue.

The one thing I always think about is how many people don’t have color calibrated monitors. So you calibrate your screen and share your images online but 99% of the people viewing your images don’t even know such a thing as calibration even exists.

None the less DigiRichie showed us how simply and easy it is to calibrate your monitor for once and for all.

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