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What's In DigiRichie's Bag - Gaff Tape, NOT Duct Tape

From time to time we reach into DigiRichie’s fun bag of goodies to see what he will pull out next.

This time he pulls out a BIG ROLL and little Roll of Gaffers tape, aka Gaff Tape. I can say from experience that you should have a roll of this stuff in your bag, car or office at all times.

It may sound simple but Gaff has a million and one uses and has saved both mine and DigiRichie’s butt. Wether you need to tape marks on floor, tape down wires, bundle wires, hand backgrounds, tape down seamless, get lint off a shirt or simply make an arrow pointing the way to set you should have a roll.

What’s great about this tape is it does not leave residue behind as easily as duct tape. You can tape it to the table, windows, walls, carpet and remove it when needed.

I suggested having a big roll and a smaller roll because you never know when it will come in handy.

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