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What's In DigiRichie's Bag - Manfrotto Nano Stand

What is in DigiRichie’s Bag this time. This week Richie pulls out a Manfroto Nano Stand.

Here is what this series is about, it’s about showing you what a working professional keeps in his “grab bag”. This is the bag you turn to when you need something on set or have to fix something.

So each video will consist of one item that you will find in his bag and what it’s use is for. You never know when you will need one of these items to save your butt on set.

This small, light and compact stand folds up into a very small package. Something like this comes in handy if you need an extra light in a tight space or need to set up a flag to block or direct light.

This is just one more item that you will find in DigieRichie’s bag.