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How to Safely Fly or Mail your iMac 27 inch: Tenba Air Case Review

Would you ever attempt to fly with your 27 inch iMac? It’s to big to fit on the plane and to delicate to check, right? The simple answer is not if you have a Tenba Air Case.

As a word of warning purchasing a Tenba Air Case does come at a hefty price, $654.95. But for someone like DigiRichie whos job depends on having this powerful machine on jobs anywhere in the world it’s worth it. R

How well does it protect a computer, extremely well. Richie has flown around the world with it, checking it on multiple airlines and has not had an issue as of yet. On one of his flights he watched out his window as the baggage handlers tossed case after case of heavy pelicans on top of his iMac and it survived.

It’s all about the construction of the bag, it has an extremely strong frame with amazing padding on the inside. It has room for everything you need with your computer and accessories. You not only can fly with it but ship it to your next location via UPS or Fedex as it has a shipping window built it.

No this case is not for everyone. But if you need to take your 27 iMac with you anywhere in the world you may want to make the investment. Here are some ways I could see it being useful.

If you are a wedding photographer and do bridal shows where you place your computer on the table this case would help. If you go on location for fashion or product shoots and need a larger screen then your laptop, this may be for you. Or if you are like Richie who travels the world as a photographer and digitech and needs to make sure his workstation makes it in one piece, the Air Case is for you.

For more information on this case go here.