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Be More Creative: So you got the EXPOSURE right but the Image is Over Processed And Boring

Jared Polin June 19, 2014 Comments Off

First don’t be thrown off by the title and think I am ripping this photographer to shreds or trying to put them down. The facts are that their exposures seem to be pretty good which is a large part of photography. Where they fall short is in the subject matter and post processing.

You have to remember that just getting the exposure correct is not enough to make the image interesting. Just like processing alone can’t save an image that is out of focus or not interesting at all. It’s a combination of many things that make your images stand out.

When I selected this set to discuss I did not know it would go in the direction it would. I rarely know what my feelings are going to be before I sit down and record the videos. I think it’s best that I don’t study the images to heavily before I critique the images.

Like with most sets there are generally two to three images that I would consider solid all the way around. And I can pretty much guarantee that if the photographer was to come back to me in a few months with another 10 images that they would have taken some of the feedback I had given to make the set stronger.

There was a trend in this set where the images were just slightly off visually. What I mean by that is technically they may have been good but the subject matter was pretty boring and lacked creativity. The honest feeling is that they were snap shots more than photographs. Before I jump into what you can do to be more creative or to build a cohesive photo story let’s talk about the processing.

I noticed in a few images that there looked to be a lot of noise and grain though the ISO was at 100 or 200. This just should not be happening. There is no reason at such a low ISO that noise and grain should even play a part. What I think was going on was to much post processing to try and bring out certain parts of the image. So where I said the exposures were pretty spot on above, maybe they were close but the photographer wanted to brighten up or recover other areas.

Watch Me Teach on CreativeLIVE for FREE: July 10th-12th

Jared Polin June 18, 2014 Comments Off

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We all know that one of the hardest situations to shoot in is Low Light photography. So many people are afraid to bump their ISO but I will show you why it’s not only okay to do so but I recommend it.

This will not be your typical boring class, I wont be sitting in a classroom the entire time talking. You will get to join me on location as we shoot through different challenging low light situations.

There will be a gym or yoga situation where I am photographing someone working out, making fast movements as well as candid images. What goes into a shoot like this, how do I set my camera, what’s going through my mind? I will answer all of those questions LIVE during the shoot.

RAWtalk Episode #90: The Business Of Photography

Jared Polin June 15, 2014 Comments Off

Screen Shot 2014 06 15 at 11.41.17 PM RAWtalk Episode #90: The Business Of Photography

FroKnowsPhoto 2014 Survey

Jared Polin June 13, 2014 Comments Off

Welcome to the FroKnowsPhoto 2014 Survey!!!! It has been a few years since I have asked you guys to answer a few questions and share your thoughts about the site. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated and helps me shape the future of content I create.


Please be sure to answer each question in as much detail as possible as well as use a valid e mail address so we can contact you if you win a prize.. I took the survey and it should only take 2-5 minutes to complete.

As a special thank you for fully completing the survey I have some PRIZES to be given away at random. I will be giving away 1 Rapid Fire Critique of 10 photos of your choice. Two I SHOOT RAW Edition BlackRapid Straps. 10 Digital Downloads of my video guide. $200 in BorrowLenses.com rental credit. $200 in AdoramaPIX print credit and 1 FREE year of Squarespace.

Thank you for your continued support, I look forward to reading your suggestions.

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Jeruslam Israel Hotel Cribs Edition

Jared Polin June 13, 2014 Comments Off

It seems that everywhere I travel I like to do a CRIBS style room tour. On my recent trip to Israel there were some interesting things about the room at the Dan Boutique that I thought I should share with you. Most of those interesting things happened in the bathroom but I had to share them with you.

First off the room was much larger than the ones I stayed in in Europe. It wasn’t completely new but it did seem like it had a recent upgrade. But I am sure room tours may not be of the most interest that is why I will focus on telling you about the location.

The location was fantastic, you are a short cab ride or a 15 minute walk down to the old city. It was well worth the walk down the hill to get into the old markets and get to the western wall. It is always nice staying somewhere that is clean, modern, nice and close to the center of attention.

Now lets take a look at the bathroom. It had a nice shower cap and some strange bag for the ladies that I have never seen before. It had a half door that swung open for getting in and out of the shower which kind of made no sense. And finally, it had the largest tray for soap I have ever seen!!!

I did stay at one other place which was in Tela viv which I wish I made a tour of because it was like a little apartment. This hotel I considered to be a Rock and Roll modern place called The Diaghilev Live Art Boutique Hotel. Now this room was fantastic. A huge king sized bed, nice big modern sofas, beautiful view of the city and very very new.

Below you will be able to find some of my past cribs style edition videos. Thanks to Vibe Israel and Kinetis for making this trip happen.