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The SMALL Tweaks you can make to your Photography Website that could lead to more jobs

Jared Polin October 9, 2014 Comments Off

There are always small tweaks you can make to your website that may lead to more jobs. A long time friend of mine asked me to take a look at her page to give my honest take.

First off her site is clean, pleasant and houses some very nice work. It is built off of Squarespace which means she will be able to make any changes quickly and efficiently on her own without any HTML skills.

Click Here to get your FREE 14 day trial of Squarespace. There is no credit card required for your free trial!!!! If you decide that Squarespace is for you please use code “FRO” at checkout to get 10% OFF your first order.

One of the first things I noticed on her site is that it did not have a definitive portfolio featured. It did have galleries that showcase some very nice images but not one “catch all” portfolio that someone seeing your work for the first time could latch onto before diving deeper.

In this case the tip is to make sure you have a place where people can find a definitive portfolio of your work. The reason being is they can see your best of the best work in one place than take a closer look at your separate galleries.

When I first logged onto her site I noticed a big WELCOME photo. But I couldn’t click it, it didn’t change to show me more, it simply said welcome. My suggestion is to utilize your home page to make the most impact on people showing up. You want to grab them right than and there with your best work. You can put up a slide show of 10-20 images that when you click them take you into the site to further your message.

Make sure your message is on point from page to page to page. The site is Taylor’s and her husband is Ryan. On different pages you see “Thanks Taylor and Ryan” but on one you see it reversed. Being that the name of the website has Taylor in the name her name should always come first. This is one subtle tweak I noticed that may seem like not a big deal. But a consistent message can go a very long way to success.

One of the COOLEST Photo Books I have Ever Seen – The Bob Dylan Scrapbook

Jared Polin October 8, 2014 Comments Off

This book was Created as a companion piece to Martin Scorsese’s PBS documentary No Direction Home: Bob Dylan. I picked it up for under $10 on sale back when there was still a Borders Books.

This has to be one of the most interesting and all around cool books I have seen. It’s like a popup book accept many of the items can be removed.

You have old news paper clips that have been reproduced. You have lyric sheets that look like they are hand written on lined paper, you have all tour posters. The quality and detail of the information that was included in this thing is pretty mind blowing.

If you can still find one of these books new I highly recommend you pick one up.

You can find some of these books on Amazon right here. The Bob Dylan Scrapbook, 1956-1966

I am giving away an ATOMOS Ninja Star

Jared Polin October 5, 2014 Comments Off

Would you like to WIN an Atomos Ninja Star, CFast Card and card reader? All you have to do is create a 1-3 min video that is Ninja related and submit it to me for a chance to WIN this killer prize.

Have fun, be creative and make something kick ass. If you can shoot video I suggest you at least try and enter.

Here are the rules you must follow to be eligible to win.
1. This contest is open to ANYONE anywhere in the world.
2. Create a 1-3 minute video – it could be a skit, stop motion, photo collage or anything you mind thinks up.
3. The video must be about something “Ninja Related”.
4. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo with your title. The video could be unlisted if you would like. But by posting your video you give us permission to embed or share it on this website.
5. Email Jared at FroKnowsPhoto.com with the subject line “Atomos Ninja Star Contest” and include your Name, Address and Phone number.
6. Entries must be received no later than December 1st 2014 at 11:59 pm EST since I said Nov 31st and there are only 30 days in November.
7. Stephen and I will be judging the entires to select the Winner.

Good Luck and thank you Atomos for offering up such a killer prize.

If you win and your country has certain tax laws for contests, you will be obligated to cover those.

Nikon DSLR Giveaway and Mobile RAWtalk at Allens Nikon-A-Palooza 10/18/14

Jared Polin October 3, 2014 Comments Off

Join us at Allen’s Camera on Saturday October 18th from 10am to 3pm for the second annual Allen’s Nikon-A-Palooza. 4401 New Falls Road Levittown, PA 19056.

We will be filming a Mobile RAWtalk from 10:30-Noon followed by hanging out in the store to answer any questions you may have or even critique your best 10 photos in person for FREE.

Someone who comes out with be the first EVER to spin the Wheel of FRO other than me.

Allen will be giving away a Nikon DSLR so be sure to join us to get entered for FREE to win that fantastic prize. Nikon reps will be to answer all of your questions. And there will be NPS technicians in the store doing FREE sensor cleanings. There are limited spots for sensors cleaning so be sure to get there early to sign up.

There will be KILLER trade in bonuses if you trade in any used gear. Brandon has put together some extra bonuses for those who will be trading in their used gear.

I will be doing RAPID FIRE CRITIQUES LIVE and in person. Be sure to bring your best 10 images for me to critique.

If you get hungry, don’t worry the TACO TRUCK IS BACK!!!!!!!!

Last year we had people come in from as far away as Canada so if you are within 8 hours we want to see you there in person.

The best part of it all is you get to hang out with fellow photographers in the REAL WORLD.

Nikon D750 Video Test – Shot with Nikon 400 F2.8 and Nikon 600 F4

Jared Polin October 3, 2014 Comments Off

I started my review of the Nikon D750 yesterday at a night high school football game. This is not the review, that will be coming int he next few weeks.

But I thought I would share with you some quick video samples straight out of the camera.

The first one was shot with the Nikon 400mm F2.8 VR on a monopod.
1080 60FPS
1/125th F4.5
Auto ISO for video
Manual Audio Levels set to 10
VR was ON

The second clip was shot with the Nikon 600mm F4 VR
On a Benro Video Tripod with VR On
1080 60FPS
1/125th F6.3
ISO 2500
Manual Audio Levels set to 10

My full review will be out in the next few weeks. But so far this video looks pretty clean.

Lenses borrowed from BorrowLenses.com