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DON'T INCLUDE this on your website if you shoot Weddings or Portraits, here's why

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What not to do starts at 05:38 of this video.

I generally don’t make definitive statements when it comes to photography but this is one thing I feel strongly about. I am not a fan of POSTING package pricing for weddings or portraits or really for any type of shoot for that matter.

The main reason is you are taking the ability to “Make The SALE” out of your hands. If someone doesn’t contact you because they don’t like your prices you have no way of salvaging the sale.

Now I think it’s perfectly fine to say “prices starting at xxx” and go up from there. This way you put a starting point and if someone is below that you probably wouldn’t be able to take the job any way.

I know it sounds harsh but you are in the business of “making the sale”. If you never have the chance to make the sale you will be missing out on possible jobs.

Of course it’s still up to you wether or not you including pricing but in my option I would not.

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