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Fisheye Photography Is The LAZIEST Form Of Photography When Overused: Rapid Fire Website Critique

Fisheye Photography and Fisheye Lenses create lazy photographers. Let me explain this before people start bitching. The fisheye lens has a place in your camera bag, that place is to stay in your bag 99% of the time.

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The reason I call the fisheye lens a lazy lens is because most amateur photographers get one and use it non stop. They think it’s so cool to get everything in focus in the frame and simply point and shoot there way to an image. Is it fun, sometimes but it doesn’t last long. Soon you realize your shots lack something and that something is interest, angles, straight lines and overall appeal.

I have gotten some fantastic images in tight situations with my fisheye lens. With that said, it rarely leaves my bag. A fisheye in the right persons hands will allow them to see the world and capture some cool images. In the wrong hands the images just lack interest.

My warning to you is if you find yourself using a fisheye over and over you might want to reevaluate the images you are shooting.

Fisheye Photography Is The LAZIEST Form Of Photography: Rapid Fire Website Critique