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Just Because You Take Photos Of HOT GIRLS Doesn't Mean Your Photos Will Be Good: Rapid Fire Critique

I try to keep my critiques as positive as possible but sometimes you simply have to lay the hammer down. I truly hope EDGE doesn’t take this as me ripping apart what he’s doing but more so takes my suggestions to take his business even further.

What EDGE has going for him is the ability to find models to photograph. That’s one of the hardest things to find and he’s got that in spades.

But like the title says, just because you have hot models doesn’t mean the photos are guaranteed to be good. The images on the site seem to lack that pizazz. The posing and facial expressions need a lot of work and that falls on the photographer to bring that out of the subject.

I know this was a harsh critique of the photographers work but I think many of you may agree and if you don’t feel free to leave well thought out and articulated comments below.

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