This is the best FINISH for your BIG ASS Metal Prints

If you have wanted to make a metal print but you’re not sure what finish to use, this video will give you the help you need. Please be sure to use the code pxmetfro30 at AdoramaPIX.com to get 30% OFF your entire metal print order until October 7th 2015. Like I have said a million […]

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We’re BACCCKKKK: RAWtalk 151

After our week of for Stephens much needed vacation we’re back with a brand new extended episode of FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk, the greatest photography podcast with video in the entire world. This weeks show is brought to you by HOYA with their new HD3 line of filters that are smoother and HARDER you can’t go wrong […]

Beginner Photography

How I photographed the POPE

Let’s break down everything about this photo I captured of the Pope. I want to discuss mentality, gear, settings and the story behind the image. By no means is this the greatest image since sliced bread, it is what it is and it wasn’t easy to capture. Click Here to download the FULL RES Jpeg. […]

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The $1,000 Video contest WINNER is

Thank you to the people at AB / VB and GS for sponsoring this video contest. The grand prize was a $1,000 gift card to Allen’s Camera, second place is a $250 gift card to Allen’s and third place is a FREE year of all three of the services listed below. Check out any or […]

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Nikon 200-500mm F5.6 VR Unboxing and Sniff Test

Nikon pretty much surprised the photography world when they announced the 200-500mm F5.6 VR Lens. I don’t think anyone including myself saw this mega zoom coming. Click Here to download three RAW files Click Here to view the FULL RES exported files. Before I jump into my impressions and sample images let’s talk about what […]


RANT: If you have two SLOTS you better fill them

How important are your photos to you, your family or your clients? What happens if your memory card fails and you can’t recover the images? One if it’s a job, you just lost all the money you were going to get paid and two you’re probably never getting a job from them again. Do you […]

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Make this one last: RAWtalk 150

It might be a good idea to make this weeks show last. The reason being is there will be no show next week as Stephen is out on vacation with his family. He works so hard week in and week out not just on RAWtalk but many aspects of the brand that most don’t get […]

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Who needs to be in focus anyway: RAWtalk 149

Right off the bat we had a little snafu this week. We did not focus the center camera during our pre show check which means we will be cutting around the center angle the entire show. From here on out we will have a nice little checklist to follow before we roll. It looks like […]