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Todd Wolfe

What’s Your Story? Contributing Post by Todd Wolfe

Todd Wolfe is a filmmaker, direction, editor and a contributor to FroKnowsPhoto. The question Todd is posing is “what’s Your Story?” and it’s a major thing to consider when you’re creating. Todd has a way of building a story from scratch because he is such a great editor. He has the vision to see where […]

Rapid Fire Website Critique, Squarespace Critiques + Tips

I’d Hire These Photographers To Shoot My Wedding, What’s a “Matric Farewell”?: Rapid Fire Critique

I liked Rich Photography’s work so much that I would consider them to shoot my wedding. The photo stories they shared on there website were fantastic. Beyond that they didn’t just showcase the best 20 images, they rolled 100 deep on the keepers which is highly important. Get The FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Building Your Online […]


RANT: Enough BITCHING About This

The one thing I am tired of at this very second is listening to people complain about 2016. “But Jared so many celebrities died! Trump is going to be president! This year can go away!” Enough BITCHING people. It’s not the year that’s the problem–it’s you. It’s your mentality; it’s your complaining and inability to […]