We Did It LIVE, Did We Crash and Burn?! RAWtalk 228

We Did It LIVE, Did We Crash and Burn?! RAWtalk 228 I want to thank B and H for setting us up with a loaner of the LiveStream HD 550 4k box. https://bhpho.to/2w8Dklb With this box we’re able to LIVE broadcast to pretty much any service and live switch. Using this saves us close to […]


RAW Reaction: his REACTION to the PHOTOS is PRICELESS!!!

I delivered a photo book to one of the subjects of my personal project. It’s all about the reaction you get when you deliver something physical. It’s one thing to look at images on a screen, it’s another to hold something in your hands and observe physical prints. The book was made at AdoramaPIX, the […]

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Nikon D850 OFFICIAL Preview: the Camera That Does It ALL?

Nikon D850 Preview: A Canon 5D Mark IV Killer!? The Nikon D850 is a worthy upgrade to the Nikon D810 and challenges so many features and functions of the Canon 5D Mark IV. Pre-order this camera at B+H https://bhpho.to/2wrprTk Pre-order this camera on Amazon http://amzn.to/2w16VQT This is a preview with the now official specs of […]