What’s the LARGEST Photo Print You Can Make: RANT

Every week I get asked “what is the largest print I can make with xx camera”. There is still this idea out there that the more megapixels means you will be able to make a larger print than a camera with less megapixels. Part of this is to blame on the marketing that manufacturers put […]

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Nikon Keymission 360 Action Camera Preview

I don’t think anyone saw this one coming. Nikon announced a 360 Action Cam called Keymission 360. No one said it was a good name but it definitely is an interesting product. It’s not a GoPro it’s a Keymission lol. There are not a lot of specs on this one just yet but from the […]

Nikon Related, Preview

Nikon D500 Preview

Nikon simply shocked the photo world by announcing a D500. Yes this camera is the official replacement of the way outdated Nikon D300s. There are some major specs to discuss with this one which I will do down below. If you would like to read the full press release you can do so all the […]

Nikon Related, Preview

Nikon D5 Preview

This is a preview of the Nikon D5, the flagship camera for Nikon. We actually had a chance for a hands on preview right after it was announced and I want to go over some of the specs and my first thoughts. To Pre-Order the Nikon D5 on Amazon Please click here. The Nikon D5 […]

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We’re BACCCCK: RAWtalk #164

That’s right everyone, we are back with the FIRST RAWtalk of 2016. It was nice to take a quick week off from recording during the holidays but I know some of you really missed RAWtalk, so here it is. This weeks show was brought to you by the Marketplace at VideoBlocks. https://contribute.videoblocks.com/ Remember when I […]

Quick Tips

It’s OKAY to do this during your photo shoot: Quick Tip

Even during candid shoots I am not afraid to tell my subject to “hold that” or “look here” or “do this”. Even though you are capturing candids it’s still okay to guide your subject to help you get the shot you need. This may not always be possible but it’s your job to capture the […]