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This Canon camera goes to 4,000,000 ISO

Yes you read that correctly, this “multipurpose” camera goes all the way to 4,000,000 ISO. How is this even possible you may ask? I will attempt to explain this as simply as possible. This camera’s image sensor is only 2.26 megapixels opposed to most full frame sensors that have 20+. The less pixels you squeeze […]

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Ouch, the Sigma 24-35 F2 ART Lens is so SHARP

The SIGMA 24-35 F2 ART lens is one of the fastest aperture zoom lenses ever made for a full frame body. I had a chance to go to Allen’s Camera to do an unboxing, sniff test and take some sample images with it. The main selling point of this lens is the fact that it […]


What’s In My I SHOOT RAW Camera Bag (Ad)

Click Here to order a Limited Edition I SHOOT RAW Bag and get a FREE I SHOOT RAW card holder. Introducing the limited edition custom I SHOOT RAW ThinkTank Retrospective 30 shoulder bag. The Retrospective 30 is my personal all time favorite shoulder bag to shoot out of. Whether I am shooting a wedding, concert, […]

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Introducing FroKnowsPhoto 3.0

Lets face it, the old website design was not responsive, not intuitive, not fast and not mobile friendly. Well, as of right now that has all changed. Over the past few months we have been redesigning the entire website from the ground up. My main goal was to create an “on demand” style front page […]

Quick Tips

The BEST Way to “Hand Hold” your camera: Quick Tip

This “Quick Tip” may seem simple to those who have been shooting for a long time. But for those who are just getting into shooting the simple question of the best way to hand hold the camera always arrises. The tip is simple, right hand on the grip, left hand under the lens not over […]

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Now with MORE Angles: RAWtalk 141

We already have four camera angles so what’s one more. This week we added the “Todd Cam” aka the camera pointed right at his face. We hope you enjoy the added angle. This weeks Plug is brought to you by RODE Microphones. As you know we use their Broadcaster mics each and every week even […]

GoPro, Preview

GoPro Hero4 Session Preview

GoPro has just unleashed their first radicle new designed camera called the Hero4 Session. The sessions design makes this the lightest and smallest GoPro ever. It clocks in at 50% Smaller and 40% lighter all while not needing an extra underwater housing for going under water. It is shock proof and capable of going under […]