Join me “Behind The Scenes” while I’m in Las Vegas?

We are off to Las Vegas to cover the NAB Show thanks to VideoBlocks!!! While we’re there we will be capturing a ton of BTS videos for Snapchat. If you haven’t followed me on Snapchat you can do so by searching FroKnowsPhoto or taking a picture of my Snap code with your snap camera. I […]

Your Best Photos

Your Best “FOOD” Photos Critiqued

I asked to see your Best “Food” photos last week and now it’s time to pick the winners and give some critiques while I am at it. There were over 1000 comments left with images and I went through each and every one of them to pick the best and the ones I thought needed […]

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Fro’s DAD Returns: RAWtalk Episode #127

Download this weeks episode as an MP3 Right here. You know you’re in for a treat when my dad joins me on the show. You never know what direction our conversation will go. This week I got back my Ancestry.com DNA results and I don’t know about you but I expect a hell of a […]

Postman Fro

Why did I BUY a Printer that doesn’t print color?

Why did Postman FRO bring me a printer that doesn’t even print in color? The answer is simple, because as photographers we also need to print and scan documents. The printer is the Brother MFCL2740DW Wether you are a full time photographer or you play one on the weekend you have a need for a […]

FroKnows Shirts

If “FroKnowsPhoto” was an 8-bit Game

Click Here to be one of the first to pick up this Limited Edition Shirt. It has been a little while since I have released an all new design for an I SHOOT RAW Shirt. So when I set out with my designer to create something new the theme was 8-Bit Video game. We tossed […]

Your Best Photos

I want to see your BEST “Food” Photos

To post your best Food Photo please click here. I want to see your BEST “Food” Photos. As long as something food related is in the photo you can post it. This could be someone eating, a kid with a drink, a tree that has food on it or just plain photos of food. Post […]

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LIVE from Chicago it’s RAWtalk #125

Download this weeks show as an MP3. Last week we invaded Chicago for a sold out Mobile RAWtalk at Stage 773!!! A big thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket as well as to Squarespace who sponsored this Mobile RAWtalk. Without the support of Squarespace we wouldn’t be able to take RAWtalk on the […]