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How to make extra money with your DSLR

One of the questions I get asked the most is how do I make extra money with my DSLR. I have a simple answer for you in the way of going out and creating b-roll video for Videoblocks marketplace. For more information go to https://contribute.videoblocks.com/ This is not a plug, this is simply showing you […]

Quick Tips

What NOT to cut off in Photos: Quick Tip

How many times have you seen a photo where the subjects fingers have been cut off and it just feels painful to look at. Not actually cut off but cut off in the composition? How many times have you seen someones toes or feet cut off and it just makes the images feel awkward? This […]

Photo News, RAWtalk

Something Gets Filled: RAWtalk 139

It’s generally not easy coming up with titles for RAWtalk Episodes and this week was no exception. So here’s what we had, a seat got filled, I RANTED slightly, we had no main plug, we flew solo and we had a cool gear of the week. If you can pull a title out of all […]

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RANT: Live Nation needs to #RespectPhotographers

This RANT is directed at the CEO of Live Nation Michael Rapino (@rapino99 on twitter) and to ask him to start to #RespectPhotographers. Please be sure to tweet this video at hashtag at Michael to get his attention. It recently came to my attention that there was a job opening for house photographer at the […]


EARMUFFS: My RANT on Taylor Swifts RANT and concert Photography

For those who don’t know, Apple is releasing a streaming music service that they are going to give away for FREE for three months. The rub is they planned on not paying the musicians for their music over that three month period. Well, Taylor Swift was not to happy with that an penned a letter […]

Photo News, RAWtalk

Danny Clinch the Interview: RAWtalk 138

Click Here to download this weeks episode as an MP3. For the past 7 years I have been trying to track down Danny Clinch. Well, I finally had the chance to sit down with him for a very intimate interview recorded at his NYC studio. For those who don’t know Danny, let me just say […]

Mobile RAWtalk

Mobile RAWtalk Announcement: June 30th Reston Virginia

The next Mobile RAWtalk will take place in Reston VA on June 30th 2015 at the HQ of Audio Blocks, Video Blocks and Graphic Stock. You can pick up your tickets right here http://bit.ly/1Rg7bvN keep in mind tickets are limited. Doors are at 4:30pm and the show starts at 5pm. Tickets are $8 but will […]

Photo News, RAWtalk

SONY is making major MOVES: RAWtalk 137

This was a big week for Photo News with most of it centered around SONY announcing some new cameras that are sure to shake up the photo industry. What SONY has done is spent the last decade or so carving out their niche. I get asked all the time why I don’t like “mirror less” […]

Quick Tips

How NOT to get BLINKS in your photos: Quick Tip

How many times have you seen photographers counting to three to take a photo and their subject blinks as soon as they hit three because of anticipation. Well I have a simple hack or trick that almost guarantee you wont get many blinks in your shots. The tip is simple, if you’re going to count […]