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New ATOMOS Blade Announced

Jared Polin February 26, 2014 Comments Off

Atomos just announced a NEW NINJA called the Blade. I have one of these in my hands right now and I can tell you that the new screen on it is amazing. It now has a IPS 5 inch screen that is not only easier to touch, it’s more accurate and easier to see outdoors.

I will be showing this off on a future RAWtalk as well as highlighting the new features that Stephen and I are really excited about.

The price of the new Ninja is $995 and the Ninja 2 is still $695.

NinjaBladeSlider1 New ATOMOS Blade Announced

Nikon D4s Preview

Jared Polin February 24, 2014 Comments Off

After announcing the development of the Nikon D4s a few months ago, Nikon has officially announced the D4s. Thought this camera adds an s I personally think it adds much much more.

There has always been this idea that when Nikon replaces their top of line model after two years all they do is add an s and some minor changes. But once you hear what changes have actually been made I think you will be very happy.

First off who is this camera for? It is for working professionals who need the best of the best with honors. There is a difference between needing the best and wanting the best. Most people out there want the top of the line but don’t actually need it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the best of the best by the way.

Before I get to ahead of myself let me tell you about the specs that I find to be the most important.

The Nikon D4s has a brand new 16.2 Megapixel CMOS Sensor. They say this is a newly designed sensor which means it is not the same as the one that is in the Nikon Df. It’s always nice to know that the sensor that you have in your flagship model is not the same as in a sub $3k body.


Lens Hoods – Why I Always Use One

Jared Polin February 23, 2014 Comments Off

What is a lens hood, when should you use a lens hood and why should you use a lens hood, that’s the question.

This is not the first time I have visited this subject but I think a quick demonstration was in order.

I was about to make a video at the computer when I realized how much sun flair was hitting the camera. See, my computer faces a big window and in the morning the sun is directly entering the window. The video looked all washed out with a bunch of solar flair. Mind you I was using my Imac but the same general principles would apply to your cameras lens.

I thought to myself how could I cut down on this lens flair and pump up this flat looking image. I could have waited until the sun moved, I could have put something in front of the window to cut down on the flair or I could have used a lens hood.

Tips for Shooting in the Snow!

Adam Lerner February 21, 2014 Comments Off

In the video, I give you guys a bunch of tips for shooting photos in the snow and even do a quick portrait shoot and show you the results! This has been one of the snowiest winters in years so why not get out there and make photos!

Snow lacks contrast and is very reflective. This can trick your camera’s meter and white balance. Getting good exposure is really important. White balance you don’t need to worry about so much because you’re shooting RAW and can correct in post processing.

I talk about some tips for your gear, for your comfort and for your great photos. Check it out and stay warm!

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Quite Possibly the WORST Photography Website Design Ever

Jared Polin February 20, 2014 Comments Off

For a 14 day FREE trial of Squarespace.com which is what I use for my photography portfolio please Click Here.

Yes the title is pretty self explanatory but before you jump down my throat about being to critical please make sure you watch the entire video.

This is one of the worst designed photography websites I have seen. It was used using a free website building and it looks like it is a Geocities style site from 1998. On the flip side the ideas on the site are not bad. What was holding back the photographer was the website builder itself.

The photography is not bad, the content on the site was not that bad either but the overall design is horrid.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way I want to let you know that I am personally purchasing Stephen a year of Squarespace so he can better showcase his work. I know that he will be able to take the ideas from this video and bring them to life on his very own squarespace site.

We will do a follow up as soon as he gets that working.

Sometimes you have to say it like it is but still find a way to have a positive spin on it. I think to many people today are afraid to say it like it is. Or they say it like it is but they never leave positive feedback and they just skew negative.

I think there is a lot that everyone can learn from this video not just about building a photography website but also about how to pass along criticism.

If you would like to try Squarespace please Click Here for your FREE 14 day trial. If you decide that Squarespcae is for your please use code “FROTUBE” to get 10% off your first order. I suggest signing up for one year as with your discount you will be paying roughly $86 for the year.