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EP001: “Photo Adventures at the Grand Canyon" FroKnowsPhoto SHOW PREMIERE

I am super excited to share with you the PREMIERE episode of the FroKnowsPhoto SHOW!!!

Episode #1 takes us on an extreme adventure to camp on the edge of the Grand Canyon. If you LOVE travel, adventure and photography, this episode is definitely for you.

Oh yea, the photos I was able to capture are absolutely breathtaking, especially the ones of the Milky Way. I never knew I could capture something so stunning. Click Here to see all the FULL RES images from the Grand Canyon.


I am proud to give to you, the FroKnowsPhoto Show Episode #1. Be sure to let me know what your favorite part is. A big thank you goes out to AdventureDriven for setting up the entire experience. If you’re looking for a fun business, family or friends trip, I would definitely give them a call.

Thank you to for hooking us up with certain gear that we needed for the trip. Thank you to Canon for sending us two C300’s to film the show with and sending us the 5DS R before it was released. Thank you to RedRock Micro for sending us the shoulder rigs. Thank you to Tokina and Hoya for sending us out filters we used for taking photos. Thank you to Nikon for sending the D810 for photos. Thank you to DJI for setting us up with the Phantom 3 Professional thus allowing us to capture some pretty amazing footage from the air. Thank you to LEXAR for suppling us with memory cards for all our devices.

Behind the Scenes Photos and Videos: BTS Video #01: Pee Pee Point GoPro Footage

BTS Video #02: The “GEAR” tent, what gear we took with us.

BTS Video #03: Our CREW was just insane!!!

BONUS Video: The Stories behind the Grand Canyon Images The Stories behind the images from the Grand Canyon. Click Here for the full res exported JPEGS. Click Here for the Nikon RAW and Canon RAW. These images are for personal use only, please do not claim them as your own.

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk LIVE from the Grand Canyon.

A slideshow of the images from the Grand Canyon

"Grand Canyon Photo Adventure" From FroKnowsPhoto SHOW Episode #1

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