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FroKnowsPhoto Show Episode #001 - 3 Year Anniversary, Game Show and Casting Couch

Welcome to the FroKnowsPhoto Show, which we hope will become a regular monthly series. We specifically chose this month to premiere the show because it corresponds with the three year anniversary of

I launched the website on June 1st 2010 with the goal of helping people learn the art and craft of photography by establishing a unique voice in the online photo community.

It has been a three year journey from the basement to the backyard to my new loft. There has been a lot of learning, growing and living since this site was launched. I owe so much to you guys out there who have supported me along the way. Without your positive comments and feedback, I probably would not still be cranking out the content that I do now. It is really great to have such a large extended family in the FroNation. Be sure to watch closely at the retrospective portion of this show.

Do you ever wonder how I pick new assistants? Its simple, we have a casting couch and open calls for photographers to come in and interview. This month we had three people try to win the job as my photo assistant.

For the interview potion of this month’s show, I sat down with Dominic Episcopo to discuss the release of his book, “Meat America” and find out how he finds his assistants. If you are interested in picking up one of his books, be sure to check out

I invited Adam Lerner down from NYC to join me in the Fuji Instax Photo Shoot Challenge. The idea was simple: take the Fuji Instax and try to capture a killer shot of our model in only five minutes. We could choose from a few modifiers, continuous light, flash and window lighting to help us. Who will win this months challenge, me or Adam?

Everyone loves game shows so we created one just for photographers. This month’s game show is called “Name that Shutter Speed” and it features Jaleel King, Adam Lerner and me. The name of the game is to hear a prerecorded shutter speed and try to guess it – you can even play at home. Who will come out on top in “Name that Shutter Speed”????

I hope you enjoy this month’s episode of the FroKnowsPhoto Show, be sure to stay tuned for more episodes in the future.

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