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25 Photography Gifts Under $25

It’s not easy to purchase photo related gifts for the photographers on your life, that’s why I curated the list of 25 photo related items under $25. You don’t have to worry about what system someones uses, each one of these gifts is a gift that all photographers can use in one way or another. […]

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Did they really “BAN RAW” or not? RAWtalk 159

I must have had 200 people send me the article discussing Reuters supposedly “banning RAW files” and knew I needed to take a close look at what they were actually saying. The reason so many people were up in arms is because they read a headline that mentioned “banning raw” in it. The truth of […]

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RANT: Reuters “BANS” RAW Photos, wants only JPEGS?

I was bombarded with a million request for my thoughts on Reuters telling their photographers they no longer want them to send RAW files or and files converted from raw files. All they want are JPEGS pretty much straight out of the camera. Many people pointed me over to the story on Peta PIxel and […]

Nikon Related

Nikon just announced the D5, kinda

I classify this as “NO SHIT”. Nikon announces the “development” of the D5 and SB-5000. That’s all I know for now, no release date, no nothing other than stating the obvious. Basically this is telling people that we have a new camera, don’t buy the other guys just yet. Official Press Release from NIKON NIKON […]


Photography FIGHT: Who’s right, who’s wrong, what do you think?

Photographer Lisa Holloway who captures fantastic photos and is also extremely adept with photo editing found herself at the center of a little controversy recently. Lisa who offers courses and presets on her website http://www.ljhollowayphotography.com/ has a clause in her terms of service that photographer Kira Jones decided she didn’t want to abide by. I […]

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5 Reasons WHY you wont make it as a Photographer

Sometimes the truth is hard to take, that’s why I came up with “5 Reasons WHY you wont make it as a photographer”. I am sure some of these might ruffle a few feathers but the truth is the truth. Reason 1: You’re Lazy and make too many excuses as to why you’re not getting […]