Cologne Germany Kolner Dom Meet Up

What a fantastic turn out we had for our Photokina 2016 Meet Up at the Dom. I want to thank everyone who was able to attend the event this time around. If you would like to download the RAW File from the group photo you can do so 784a3405-dng!!!! Feel free to edit any way […]


My “ULTIMATE” NIKON Full Frame Lens Kit

My “ULTIMATE” Nikon Full Frame Lens Kit I own a lot of NIKON lenses and wanted to share with you what I think makes up My “ULTIMATE” full frame lens kit. If I was to travel the world and could only take a handful of lenses I would take the Hebrew Trinity plus one. Nikon […]

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FroKnowsBundles Videoblocks Promo

This is a promotion I am doing with Videoblocks where if you purchase a year of videoblocks you will get a year of Audioblocks for zero!!! you can get it right here We use videoblocks and audioblocks in almost every one of our major videos to make them better. We use b-roll for extra footage […]


The BEST GoPro Action Camera Mounts And Accessories We Use

The BEST GoPro Action Camera Mounts And Accessories We Use Over the past few years we have incorporated GoPro’s more and more into our video workflow. They take on the behind the scenes look or my first person shooter angle on top of my cameras. People always ask what accessories and mounts do you use […]