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Nikon D7200 Preview

Jared Polin March 1, 2015 Comments Off

This is a preview of the just announced Nikon D7200. This camera is replacing the Nikon D7100 though I suspect you will still see the 7100 on the market for a while. I am going to run down the main specs that I think are important as well as helping you figure out who this camera is for.

Right off the rip we have a 24.2 megapixel sensor with no OLPF. If you are wondering how many the D7100 had it had 24.1, so the difference is a .1. Keep in mind that that may seem like nothing but there are always other advances in sensors from generation to generation. Don’t be one of those people who says it’s the same sensor though its 18 months newer.

You will be shooting at 6FPS in DX and 7FPS in 1.3x crop mode. That means you do gain one more FPS when you crop down the sensor. I personally say don’t use the crop mode for stills, if you need the “extra” reach just crop at that point. The reason I say that is 1.3x cropped on a DX makes your photos more susceptible to cutting off important things in your images.

There are 51 auto focus points with 15 of them being of the cross type variety. I asked Nikon why they can’t do all cross type like Canon does in the 7D Mark II and I really don’t have a quotable answer. What I can tell you from experience with the 7D Mark II is you may have all cross type sensors but that doesn’t mean you will be getting things in focus all the time.

This is what 46 Terabytes of backup storage looks like

Jared Polin February 27, 2015 Comments Off

I have been personally focusing a lot of energy to ensuring that my growing photo and video archive will be securely backed up into the future.

I don’t want to risk waiting until there’s an issue to find a solution for backing up. That’s why I am testing out and implementing as many different solutions as possible.

In this case I have 46 Terabytes of hard drives sitting on my desk. For those who understand what raid is you understand that all 46 wont be used as backup but for this video I am speaking overall.

I personally bought the 8TB Seagate from B and H for $299 which makes each gig 3.75 cents which is insane.

Synology sent me the DS1515+ pre loaded with 5 6TB NAS hard drives which means that box has 30TB of possible storage.

Western Digital sent me the 8TB My Book Thunderbolt to test out as well.

My goal is to be proactive in my backup approach, what are you doing to secure your data?

Critiquing Portraits I took with the Nikon D810, 70-200 2.8 VR II and 300 2.8 VR II

Jared Polin February 26, 2015 Comments Off

A few weeks back I got a message from a friend who was in need of some quick headshots. By quick I mean she asked if she could come over, shoot and leave with images.

Now I didn’t exactly let her leave with the images as they needed to be edited but these are the shots that I considered the keepers.

The first issue I had was deciding weather or not I should use the Nikon D4s or the D810. I settled on the D810 because of the insane sharpness and image quality.

This is me critiquing my own photos and discussing why one of the images so happened to be cropped, you know, for the client that is.

To download one of these files as a DNG please click here.


Click Here for all the full res images from this portrait shoot.


Where I get my Royalty FREE Music, SFX and Loops

Jared Polin February 25, 2015 Comments Off

If you find yourself in need of Royalty Free music, sfx or loops for videos you are working on please check out AudioBlocks. (I have formed a partnership to work with AudioBlocks and promote their product since we personally use it.)

With more and more of you guys getting into shooting and editing video there has never been more of a need for extra audio clips then now.

If you are not familiar with the term “Royalty Free” it means that you have the rights and permission to utilize something (in this case audio) without having to worry that you are stealing someones clips.

This is important because you can not just take any audio clip you find online and use it in your videos. Just like someone can’t take your photo and sell it as their own you can’t take their audio and use it without compensation.

Here’s an example of something that can get you in major trouble with a rights holder or on YouTube. Say you are editing a wedding video and use a Beyonce song. If you post that video on YouTube, YouTube is going to know you used the Beyonce song and do one of a few things.

Nikon D5500 16,000 ISO Unedited Concert Photo

Jared Polin February 24, 2015 Comments Off

This is an UNEDITED JPEG straight out of the Nikon D5500 shot with the 18-140 VR Lens.  Once Lightroom Updates to let me edit the D5500 RAW files I will have a review up for you.

1/125 F4.8 ISO 16,000 58mm the FULL RES can be downloaded right here.

Please keep in mind this was one of the WORST lighting situations ever at a concert. There was ZERO front light.

As soon as I can edit the RAW files I will have a lot more with the Nikon D5500 and Kit 18-140 VR Lens.

Nikon D5500 18-140 VR 16,000 ISO