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Is a Watermark ever okay, the dreaded Watermark has returned – Rapid Fire Critique

Jared Polin October 28, 2014 Comments Off

You know you are in for a treat when the message you get with the Rapid Fire Critique link is that “some photos have the dreaded logo”.

So the question in the long standing debate is “is a watermark ever okay”. Here’s my answer, it’s personal preference. If you feel that the watermark should be there either for branding or security purposes than put it there.

If you feel that it detracts from the image than remove it. It all comes down to what you think is right. Because the truth of the matter is there is not right or wrong answer when it comes to the watermark.

Well, maybe there is one answer, if your watermark is so over the top than maybe at that point you should shrink it or remove it. If it detracts from your image, you probably shouldn’t have it.

In this persons case I think the watermark was to much. The glasses were cool and I love the branding but the color and placement really detracted from the image.

There were a handful of nice images in the set. One of my favorites was the one with the dogs and the people. I loved the play on the color, the one dog is black the other is white.

One of my critiques on the set is that some of the images lacked interest. They were more snap shots than solid images but they are not far off. Simple tweaks to the story will allow the images to take on a life of their own and really stand out.

That’s the point of these critiques. To call it like it is in the hopes that the photographer can grow from the critique is my goal.

Coming November 1st 2014: The FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video

Jared Polin October 25, 2014 Comments Off

To get an exclusive 8 min preview of the FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video please click here. The official release date is November 1st 2014.

Guess what’s launching November 1st, the FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR VIDEO.

Over the next week we will be rolling out Previews and Discussion videos to bring you up to speed on what’s in this 6 hour long guide.

What I can tell you is in it is hotness, PURE HOTNESS oh and massive amounts of learning. Who’s ready????

Oh yea, if you want an 8 min exclusive sneak peek inside this guide go here http://bitly.com/1oG4ifF While there you can also sign up to save 50% OFF the guide as soon as it launches.

What’s In DigiRichie’s Bag – TriFlash

Jared Polin October 23, 2014 Comments Off

What’s In DigiRichie’s Bag this week? This week we have what’s called a TriFlash by Westcott.

What this lets you do is utilize one, two or three flashes inside a softbox or umbrella as well as attach it to a light stand. It also has a built in umbrella socket which is pretty self explanatory.

This is great for when you need to travel light with just portable flashes and no studio units. Three flashes firing at the same time means you are dumping less power from the flashes which equals faster recycling time.

From what I have seen these run anywhere from $30-99 depending on the brand.

If you would like to connect with DigiRichie you can do so on Twitter @TheDigiRichie

I want to critique your Squarespace Website

Jared Polin October 21, 2014 Comments Off

Click here to get your 14 day FREE trial of Squarespace with no credit card needed. Keep in mind I will critique your trail Squarespace and give you feedback.

If you have a Squarespace website that you would like me to critique please e mail jared at FroKnowsPhoto Dot Com with the subject line “Critique My Squarespace”.

I will critique every site that is sent to me and give you a personal response via e mail wether you used my code or not. I wont be able to make videos for everyone but I may do so for a select few.

Please be patient with my response time as I have a feeling I am going to get a lot of emails looking for critiques.

If you don’t currently have a Squarespace yet you are not out of luck. You can go to http://squarespace.com/fro to sign up for your 14 day FREE trial.

Since I am able to critique trial websites you can e mail jared at FroKnowsPhoto dot com with the subject line “Critique My Website (TRIAL)” Be sure to include the word trial so I can give priority to your critiques since you are limited on time.

If you decide that it’s for you please use code “FRO” at checkout to receive 10% OFF your first oder. If you sign up for a year, Squarespace will give you a domain name FREE. I pay $12.99 for new domains so getting it FREE for a year is a nice savings.

All I can say is that once you try Squarespace for yourself and see how simple it is to build your own space you will wonder what took you so long to discover it.

RAWtalk Episode #106 – An interview with Bruce Bennett

Jared Polin October 20, 2014 Comments Off

Screen Shot 2014 10 20 at 10.07.26 AM RAWtalk Episode #106   An interview with Bruce Bennett