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Complete Fail or GENIUS Idea: RAWtalk 171

Back in college I had a resume building class. The teacher said we should do a traditional resume as that’s what would help us get a job out of college. Being me I thought that was a terrible idea, why would I create a traditional resume? So I decided to create the most atypical resume […]

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Canon EOS 80D Preview

This is a preview of the Canon EOS 80D which is replacing the 70D. Watch the video to hear what I think the most interesting features are and who this camera is for. Here is the full press release from Canon USA. SHARE YOUR PASSION THROUGH IMAGES USING THE NEW EOS 80D DSLR CAMERA AND […]

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Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Preview

This is a preview of the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II. This camera replaces the G7 X and some interesting tweaks. Watch the video to see which specs I think are the most important as well as who this camera is for. Here is the FULL press release about this camera. Take that camera […]

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SCREW YOU Brides Dot Com: RAWtalk 170

You have to hear about the article Brides Dot Com wrote about whether or not you should feed the wedding photographers shooting your big day. Check out the full discussion at 18:57 of this weeks show. I get plenty of questions asking me what program do I use to edit my RAW files, the answer […]

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Photo Hack: Cheating the system by “Underexposing”

Back in 2007 I took this RAW File of Perry Farrell where I employed this “Photo Hack” of “underexposing” to bring back the file in post. The reason I underexposed was simple. I couldn’t raise my ISO or lower my aperture any further. The only thing I could do to give me a chance at […]

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Fighting DRONES with EAGLES: RAWtalk #169

To ORDER tickets for the March 3rd LIVE RAWtalk please click here. First things first, the police in the Netherlands are now training EAGLES to take down rouge drones, get the full news story at 15:10 of this weeks show. This is crazy, but it’s kind of cool to see to be honest. This weeks […]


Why I Make Metal Photographic Prints “PXJPMTL25”

I keep getting asked why I’m always getting metal prints done and why I think they’re the way to go, so I figured you might have the same question… Here are my TOP 5 reasons why I love metal prints and how to get your own metal prints done 25% less than everyone else by […]

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Canon 1D X Mark II Preview: Better than Nikon D5?

The camera every pro Canon shooter has been waiting for has finally been announced with the Canon 1D X Mark II. My preview is simple; I’ll review the main specs, reflect on them, and then describe who its potential users are (click here for my Canon 1D X Mark II/Nikon D5 comparison). While at CES […]

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Is this POTATO Photo worth $1,000,000: RAWtalk 168

First things first, check out 20 min of this weeks show to hear all about what makes a picture of a potato worth 1 million pounds. Get ready to slap yourself in the face a few times. This weeks show is brought to you by AudioBlocks.com/go/fro VideoBlocks.com/go/fro and GraphicStock.com/go/fro This stuff pays for itself the […]