Now’s the BEST time to make a Photo Book, here’s why

Take advantage of the code pxfro35md to get 35% OFF any and all of your photo book orders until Midnight EST on May 16th 2015. http://www.adoramapix.com/app/home/ You know how much I love photo books for not only personal use but to sell to clients as well as leave behind gifts. If you have never made […]


This video SUCKS without Sound Effects, Music and Graphics

The point of this video is simple. Without sound effects, music and graphics the video just sucks. But when you see and hear the video in it’s finished form it’s a totally different animal, it’s AWESOME. Get your FREE trials right here. http://videoblocks.com/go/fro http://audioblocks.com/go/fro We personally use Video and Audio Blocks for all the graphics […]

Photo News, RAWtalk

“On Fleek”: RAWtalk 132

Download this weeks RAWtalk as an MP3 right here. Before I jump into this weeks show I want to dedicate it to Allen from Allen’s camera who passed away last night at the store. Allen was there for me at the beginning and was one of the main catalysts to the early success of FroKnowsPhoto.com. […]


This is where you get “I SHOOT RAW” stuff

I get a lot of messages asking “where can I get the shirt you’re wearing?” Here is your answer http://store.froknowsphoto.com/ You can find all things “I SHOOT RAW” at the link above form T-Shirts, to hoodies, to hats, lens cloths, stickers and BlackRapid Straps. ALL SHIRTS SHIP WORLD WIDE. This is one of the ways […]

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A guide to "Capturing Motion" in low light situations

Adobe Lightroom CC, Beginner Photography

My EXACT Process for Photo Editing

Recently I shot behind the scenes production stills of a commercial being filmed at Charlie’s Jeans by Todd Wolfe. Many of us know that shooting the pictures is only half the battle. It’s what you do with the images you captured after the fact that takes your images from RAW files to completed masterpieces. The […]

Postman Fro

What the ____ is an eMotimo? Postman FRO

I am sure you are wondering what an eMotimo is and what makes it different from every other item on the market. The simple answer is it’s a motion controlled thingy for your camera that allows for repeatable motion over 3-axises. The key here is the 3 axises, most camera control modules generally have movement […]


I lost a great friend and mentor last night

Today was a tough and sad day filled with a lot of tears for me and many other people in our photo family. This morning I got a phone call that Allen from Allen’s Camera had passed away suddenly. For those who knew Allen knew he was one of the most honest, fair and caring […]

NAB 2015

I want all of this GEAR and I think you will too: NAB 2015

I know you guys love gizmos, gadgets and doohickies so that’s exactly what I brought you guys from NAB 2015 sponsored by VideoBlocks.com. Before we get started I have to thank VideoBlocks.com for being the sponsor of our LAS Vegas Trip to NAB 2015. During this video you will see a lot of “video footage” […]

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom 6 PREVIEW

Adobe has just released the update to Lightroom 5 with the announcement of LR CC aka Creative Cloud as well as the standalone version called Lightroom 6. There are a few improvements that stand out to me as key. The first is the 10x speed boost. We all know that previous version of Lightroom have […]