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Your Best “Portrait” Photos

This is the second request I have given on Facebook to see your “BEST”…. Photos. This time around I asked to see your Best “Portraits” and to post them on Facebook. If you missed the request on Facebook please be sure to make sure you are following my posts on Facebook. There ended up being […]

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The GRID will never be the same

On my birthday, January 21st I was on Scott Kelby’s “the GRID” show. What I can tell you is the GRID will never be the same again!!!! I want to thank Scott for having me on his show, I had a great time and got to sit down with him for an interview for a […]

DSLR Video Tips

The CHEAP DIY Hack to diffuse your LED Lights

We all know that LED Lights are powerful and in my opinion great for shooting photos and video. But what do you do if it’s just to harsh and your units don’t dim? Todd has a simple solution that you can find right now in your kitchen that will solve your problem. Simply using WAX […]

Facebook Posts

Your BEST “Nighttime Photos”

Late last night I asked you guys to post your BEST Nighttime Photos on Facebook. I love seeing your work and I know it’s a great opportunity for others to see your work as well. See, when you share your images other people see them and may start to follow the work you do. You […]

Random Thought

Facebook Video just took a MAJOR Swipe at YouTube

I just logged onto my Facebook fan page and noticed two prompts. One said now you can “feature” a video on your videos tab and the other said now you can make “playlists” of videos. Facebook over the past few months has been giving a lot of weight to videos uploaded. I have noticed that […]

Postman Fro

What Is Pluck and PULL Foam? Postman FRO

For anyone who has owned a Pelican case you know there are two options for the inside. You have the regular inserts which you can place your gear in. Or you can get it with Pluck and Pull foam which allows you to design the inside any way you would like. Pluck and Pull is […]