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Nikon D5 Preview

This is a preview of the Nikon D5, the flagship camera for Nikon. We actually had a chance for a hands on preview right after it was announced and I want to go over some of the specs and my first thoughts. To Pre-Order the Nikon D5 on Amazon Please click here. The Nikon D5 […]

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We’re BACCCCK: RAWtalk #164

That’s right everyone, we are back with the FIRST RAWtalk of 2016. It was nice to take a quick week off from recording during the holidays but I know some of you really missed RAWtalk, so here it is. This weeks show was brought to you by the Marketplace at VideoBlocks. https://contribute.videoblocks.com/ Remember when I […]

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It’s OKAY to do this during your photo shoot: Quick Tip

Even during candid shoots I am not afraid to tell my subject to “hold that” or “look here” or “do this”. Even though you are capturing candids it’s still okay to guide your subject to help you get the shot you need. This may not always be possible but it’s your job to capture the […]

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Give the GIFT of Photography 2015 “BOGO”

It’s that time of the year where everyone LOVES to give gifts. That’s why i’m going to help you give the gift of photography with the FroKnowsPhoto Buy One Give One holiday special. Click Here to make a purchase of any or all of my guides. From now Dec 20th to Dec 31st 2015 if […]

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RAWtalks Last Stand 2015: RAWtalk #163

That’s all folks, this is the last RAWtalk of the year as we take a little break for the holidays and the new years. Major props to Stephen for working all weekend on finishing RAWtalk so it could be up in time. He spent the last few days of the week and beginning of the […]

Real World Review, Sony

Sony RX100 IV Real World Review

In the past I have primarily focused on doing reviews of just DSLR style cameras. But today there is a whole world of cameras that deserve the “Real World Review” attention. From Mirrorless to Micro 4/3rds to smart phones and even smaller point and shoot pocket cameras. Click Here to download 8 RAW Files from […]


DON’T WATCH if you don’t shoot or edit video (promo)

I wanted to bring your attention to a promotion I was able to create with the people at AudioBlocks, VideoBlocks and Graphic Stock. Simply put you can get 50% OFF any or all of those services until the end of 2015. I was told and this better be true, that they will be raising the […]



GoPRO is having major issues right now especially after dropping the price of the HERO4 Session to $199.99. If you recall only four or five months ago this camera was released at $399.99 which was the same price of the much better HERO4 Silver Edition. If you would like to purchase a GoPRO Hero4 Session on […]


DJI Phantom 3 Professional VS Standard

Which DRONE is for you, the DJI Phantom 3 Professional or the Standard? If you are looking to pick up your first DRONE this video will help you decide which is for you. To order the Phantom 3 Pro please click here To order the Standard please click here

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The DRONE took his eye out, GROSS: RAWtalk 161

We all know that drones have some power to them and can be mighty dangerous. Well in this weeks photo news we find out just how dangerous they can be… NEWS starts at 14:30 This weeks show is brought to you by VIDEOBLOCKS who “forgot” to take down their BEST SALE every which is for […]