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Nikon D3400 Users Guide

Here is your FREE Tutorial User’s Guide for the Nikon D3400. What you will find in this 30 Min video is an explanation of what every button does as well as what setting in the menu I recommend. http://froknowsphoto.com/11days Sign up now for 11 days to better photography. Order the Nikon D3400 at Amazon / […]

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Is NIKON About To DIE?

Is NIKON About To DIE? Amidst “Extraordinary Losses” and the canceling of the DL line, Nikon is restructuring. The Key Mission lineup of cameras also played a major part in these losses. The addition of the 170, a GoPro wana be and the 80, a not needed toy, has added to the hardship. Will Nikon […]

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A guide to "Capturing Motion" in low light situations

Canon, Real World Review

Canon EOS M5 “Real World Review”

The Canon EOS M5 Mirrorless Camera is the first mirrorless camera from Canon that actually has a chance. The design, the functionality and the fact that it has the same sensor as the Canon EOS 80D, makes it a worthy option for beginners and some pros. If you’re a first time camera buyer who wants […]

3 Shots Or Less

How To Get The Perfect Exposure In “3 Shots Or Less” #04: In Low Light With A CHEAP DSLR + Kit Lens

http://froknowsphoto.com/11days FREE Photography Course. Download MyGearVault FREE for Apple iOS right here https://itunes.apple.com/app/mygearvault/id1106860868 This situation is a dark hotel hallway with no natural light. My camera is the Nikon D3300 and Kit 18-55 VR lens. People complain their camera takes noisy photos in low light situations and I show you how to bring the noise […]

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11 Days To Better Photography FREE Video Course

Get “11 Days To Better Photography” right here http://froknowsphoto.com/11days Do you want to become a better photographer? If so please use the link above to sign up for my FREE video course called “11 Days To Better Photography”. Once you sign up I will send you a new video every day for the next 11 […]