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Nikon D5 at 81,275 ISO is INSANE

This photo was taken with the Nikon D5 at an insane ISO of 81,275. Yes you read that correctly 81,275 ISO. Click Here to download this RAW file and see how good it is for yourself. Click Here to Purchase a Nikon D5. To download a FREE trial of Lightroom Click Here. I am beyond […]

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Worst Photographer EVER: RAWtalk 176

This week we critiqued Todd’s latest attempt and shooting photos. This time it wasn’t at a wedding it was at his daughter’s dance meet. I know the title says worst dance photos ever but that may be slightly harsh, they are the second worst ever. Tune in at 30:20. Check out my new coat, Noah’s […]

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Canon 80D Unboxing / Sniff Test

The NEW Canon EOS 80D has been unleashed into the wild and is waiting for a new home. The number one feature of this camera is the dual pixel AF which allows for amazingly fast an accurate auto focus while recording video. On top of that you can touch the screen and tell the camera […]


Will this change KILL Instagram: RANT

Instagram is about to make a huge change to the way your photos are seen. Currently they show your images chronologically but in the next couple of months they will change to an algorithmic feed. What does this mean? This means that you could post an image 12 hours ago and one 4 hours ago […]

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Anyone want an Anti-DRONE Bazooka: RAWtalk 174

First things first who wouldn’t want an Anti-Drone Bazooka? Before you know it there will be just as many anti-drone things as there are Drone things. You have to see this thing in action though, the guy firing it looks like he is ready for WAR. This weeks episode is brought to you by MyRodeReel.com […]

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If you “DIRECT” people to the WRONG gallery you could be losing jobs: Rapid Fire Website Critique

Welcome to another Squarespace Rapid Fire Website Critique where I critique one of your websites no matter what platform it’s built on. If you don’t have your own website just yet please check out http://squarespace.com/fro to get your 14 day FREE trial. It’s what I use for my personal portfolio. Make sure when you’re directing […]

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B&H is Accused of WHAT: RAWtalk 173 LIVE

Thank you for tuning into this weeks show which was recorded LIVE at the Painted Bride in Philadelphia PA. The biggest news story of the week is B&H has been accused of discrimination by the U.S. Government. If this is true will you still purchase from them? Discussion at 21:23. This weeks show is brought […]