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Black Fro Day 2014 SALE Get 25.4% OFF these two guides!!!

Jared Polin November 27, 2014 Comments Off

Get 25.4% OFF the FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Getting Out of Auto and the FroKnowsPhoto FLASH GUIDE when you use the code FRODAY at checkout for the digital downloads.

Click Here for Getting Out Of Auto

Click Here for the FLASH GUIDE.

This is the largest amount OFF I have ever given on these guides and the sale will end December 2nd. Again, this is for the digital downloads only.

I got BORED of my Website Template so I changed it in 2 seconds with Squarespace 7

Jared Polin November 27, 2014 Comments Off

When I started using Squaresapce again over a year ago I set up what I thought was a simple and clean website. I picked a template that was easy to work with, looked good and served its purpose. Fast forward to today and I was looking at my JaredPolin.com site thinking it looks amateurish and could be better.

The last thing I want to feel about my portfolio site is that it’s amateurish or subpar. The simple solution was for me to change templates. That’s exactly what I did and it took me 2 seconds to make the change and have it LIVE ready to go.

Using the new Squarespace 7 (which is fantastic by the way) I was able to bring new life to JaredPolin.com in a matter of minutes. If you haven’t checked out the new Squarespace 7 features I highly recommend you trying it out for yourself. I know once you see how easy and powerful it is to build your own professional looking website you probably will.

To get a FREE 14 day trial of Squarespace please go to Squarespace.com/fro . This is truly a free trial, you don’t have to enter any payment info at ALL. If you decide that it is for you use my code FRO at checkout to get 10% OFF your first month or first year of service.

Using my code not only saves you money but it helps me out as well.

CONFESSION – I used to shoot sports in FULL AUTO and here are the results: FroFilmProject

Jared Polin November 25, 2014 Comments Off

I know it’s not much of a confession but when I first started shooting at the age of 13 I was in full auto. Even worse I was shooting sports in the running man mode.

Now take a look at the year, it was 1994 / 95 so there was pretty much no internet for me to educate myself, I was shooting blind. On top of everything else I was shooting film as digital was still a solid decade away.

The point in me making these videos is to show you where I started and how I was not very good but I was trying. I think in this day and age new photographers expect to be experts in a matter of months or maybe a matter of years. But I was still shooting in auto modes when I got to college.

It takes time, it takes A LOT OF TIME to start to feel comfortable. The best way to learn is to SHOOT SHOOT and guess what, SHOOT.


Canon 7D Mark II Real World Review

Jared Polin November 22, 2014 Comments Off

The original Canon 7D was one of the most popular and well rounded DSLR’s ever made. It brought speed, build quality and video to the masses at an affordable price. But many years passed with rumors of something new all of which were unfounded.

Finally Canon decided to announce the long anticipated Canon 7D Mark II and the specs left most people screaming “take my money”. On the other side of the coin it left people asking if a cropped sensor camera was really worth $1,800 which is more than a Nikon Full Frame D610.

If you’re looking to pick up a 7D Mark II you can do so at Allen’s Camera or Amazon.

A Big THANK YOU goes out to BorrowLenses.com for setting me up with all the lenses used in this review.

Click Here to Download sample RAW Files (166 megs) Hockey and Concert Photos.

Click Here to access all the FULL RES exported JPEG files (Note: at the time of the review lightroom was not able to edit the RAW files thus why I edited the full res jepgs from the camera. Lightroom now officially accepts the RAW files.

20141104_flyers_7dmk2_047 As a side note NO IMAGES WERE CROPPED!!!

The big question with new gear is always the same, is this camera worth it, should I buy it? As soon as a body came in stock at Allen’s Camera I went and purchased it so I could conduct my Real World Review.

If you are not familiar with my Real World Review series, it’s simple. I take camera gear out into real world situations and use it. No bs test charts, just real world situations that people like you would use the camera.

2014 FroKnowsPhoto Holiday Contest ($7,000+ in prizes) And SALE

Jared Polin November 21, 2014 Comments Off

It’s that time of year again for the FroKnowsPhoto Holiday Contest and SALE. This year we have more prizes than ever before with multiple ways to enter even one that is no purchase needed.

There are a total of 47 prizes from: Rode, ThinkTank Photo, Me, BorrowLenses, AdoramaPIX, Squarespace and PlasticPrinters.com. You are looking at over $7,000 in total prizes.

Click Here to see all of this years sale items.

All T-Shirts in the store are on sale for only $11.99 each. If you purchase two ore more shirts you will get a FREE Lens Cloth ($5 value) FREE.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.22.10 PM