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5 Reasons WHY you wont make it as a Photographer

Sometimes the truth is hard to take, that’s why I came up with “5 Reasons WHY you wont make it as a photographer”. I am sure some of these might ruffle a few feathers but the truth is the truth.

Reason 1: You’re Lazy and make too many excuses as to why you’re not getting enough jobs.

Reason 2: You don’t evolve and grow as a photographer. AKA you get left behind.

Reason 3: You say there’s too much competition and that’s why you’re not succeeding.

Reason 4: You’re using social media all wrong. Stop trying to sell and start telling. Use this example from the video to help you find more job.

Reason 5: Your photos simply aren’t good enough. Sometimes it comes down to the quality of work just not being there. But guess what, like I said in #1 #2 and #3 you can always improve.

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