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Lightroom Spot Removal Tool

Adam Lerner January 7, 2015 Comments Off

In this video I show you guys some advanced editing features in Lightroom using the Healing Brush Tool to retouch a portrait and demonstrate how you can adjust the opacity slider for great results.

Often times, you want to heal or clone a section of a photo without replacing the information. Meaning, you want to retain some of the original information from the image where you apply your edit.

When using the healing / cloning brush, Lightroom very intuitively samples from a similar region of the photo, however you can easily grab the pin from the sampled area and move the selection to better suit your needs. You can also adjust the opacity of the repair so that it will blend with the photo to keep it looking realistic.

Then there are times when you want the opacity at 100% so that when you clone / heal an area, you will replace the information from another area. This is great for removing blemishes.

I show you both techniques in this video by adjusting the opacity of the brush tool.

Here’s the keyboard shortcuts I use in this video.

Q for the healing / cloning brush tool
H to show / hide the pins
[ to decrease the size of the selector
] to increase the size of the selector
Z to zoom in or out of the photo

Click the link to see the edited photo 500px.

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Extended Lightroom Portrait Edit!

Adam Lerner September 8, 2014 Comments Off

In this video, I take you thru my portrait photo editing process from start to finish. I share with you tons tips and tricks and unlock so many excellent nuggets in Lightroom!

So much of what can make a good image great happens in post processing. I firmly believe that it’s essential to edit your RAW photos. It’s one thing to take a great photo and another thing to do a great edit and I feel an image isn’t finished until it’s properly edited.

In this video, I start by using a Lightroom Develop preset as my baseline. I love presets and often start with them and tweak from there. Not all presets work well just as they are, but can provide a great starting point for an edit. I then go thru the Develop module and show you guys my process for editing and retouching an image all in Lightroom every step of the way.

Lightroom is incredibly robust and full of amazing features. There is no right or wrong with editing, but I feel that less is more and when editing it’s about a gradual progression. My goal is to elevate a photo without making it look overly processed or surreal. This is a fine balance and takes some practice and the great thing about shooting RAW and editing in Lightroom, is that you can always revisit and re-edit a photo as your editing process progresses.

I hope you find all the Lightroom tips, tricks and nuggets I share in this video helpful to your workflow.

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Miriam, Dead Sea Israel

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Beautiful Model, Lowest Place on Earth AND my LR edit!

Adam Lerner June 5, 2014 Comments Off

This photo was from an impromptu model shoot I did while in Israel at the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth -424 meters (-1,401 feet) below sea level!!!! The landscape is very barren but very beautiful with the aqua water and salt-crusted shore. That and the mountains of Jordan in the distance make for a stunning backdrop.


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Lightroom Quick Tips

Adam Lerner February 14, 2014 Comments Off

Here’s some Lightroom quick tips to enhance your workflow. Going thru images can be daunting. Trying to make quick picks shouldn’t be something that is time consuming or complicated and in this video I demonstrate how I like to expedite that process using keyboard shortcuts and some hidden gems in Lightroom.


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How do you know when to go Black and White or stay Color?

Jared Polin December 26, 2013 Comments Off

How many times have you gotten a certain photo while your editing and thought “wow, this would look great in black and white” only to find out that you love the color just as much?

See, there is no right or wrong answer to which way you should edit your image. The way I decide on Black and White or Color is based on feel. How that one image feels to me when I am editing it. If it just feels right in Black and White than thats what I go for.

In the case of the image in this video I fist felt that it was much stronger in color. Once I edited it Black and White I thought to myself that it just didn’t have that pop I was looking for. After looking at it more I started to like the Black and White more but I am still not sure.

This is one of those images where I like it in both color and black and white. They both have their positives but I am not sure one stands out more than the other.

What do you think, how do you decide when to go Black and White and or stay in Color?

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Lightroom 5 Export Presets

Adam Lerner August 13, 2013 Comments Off

I’ve talked about exporting photos from Lightroom in the past, however in this video, I break it down in much more detail and show you guys how to create Export Presets. Export Presets are great for streamlining workflow so that you can consistently export photos with all of the settings you create for the export. This is great for exporting large quantities of files but can be helpful for even just exporting one at a time. That way, whenever you go to export your photos, you’ve already built presets that will save you time so that your photos are exported just the way you want them.


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Importing Photos to Lightroom

Adam Lerner June 26, 2013 Comments Off

I almost always copy the contents of my memory cards to my hard drive and then sync the imported files and folders with Lightroom. Lightroom can manage this process, however after a big shoot, I’m often left with a lot of files and don’t want to tie-up Lightroom’s processing to import photos when I could be using that valuable time more efficiently. This means that I do the copy via the Finder and then sync the folder in Lightroom once the files are copied from the card.


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Adobe Lightroom RAW Edit CONTEST – Ed Sheeran Photo

Jared Polin April 14, 2013 Comments Off

This is a little bit of change over my normal RAW Edit videos. This time I go ahead and show you how I edited the file and then open it up for you to download and edit for a chance to win a print of this image.

This a contest and you can edit the image any way you would like, you can use Adobe Lightroom, Photo Shop or any other RAW Editing Program. Please click here to download this RAW File. All submission must be in by the end of April 28th 2013 11:59 PM EST.

You have permission to edit this image, print this image but you have NO RIGHTS to sell or call this your own. All Rights Reserved Jared Polin of If you are interested in running this image in a magazine or publication please contact jared at If you would like to download the FULL RES version of my edit to print or give to a fan you can do so Right Here.

Click the image to download this RAW file. All submission must be posted in the FroKnowsPhoto Forum at the link above.

RAW Edit Photo Contest

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Creating black and white conversions in Lightroom

Adam Lerner March 28, 2013 Comments Off

I love the look of black and white photography. I started with shooting black and white film. Tri-X mostly in the beginning. I came to see the world in that way with the gradations of tonal contrast and how the light would fall in shadow and highlight. Black and white is about contrast. Color information makes up the gradations of tones, reds are darker, yellows lighter.

Unless I’m specifically shooting black and white film, I shoot RAW. And I see in color. The great thing about shooting RAW is that you can create a digital negative in a multitude of ways without ever compromising the original image. There is so much information in a RAW color file.


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Edit this RAW FILE #88 – From Alcatraz

Jared Polin January 29, 2013 Comments Off

This new RAW files comes from San Francisco and was captured on the ROCK aka Alcatraz.

What are you going to do with this file? I chose to go black and white and crunchy. Will you go black and white, stay color or do something else totally over the top.

Also check to see if your RAW Edit from #87 made the critique and spotlight.

Click Here to access the RAW file for #88.


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