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Extended Lightroom Portrait Edit!

In this video, I take you thru my portrait photo editing process from start to finish. I share with you tons tips and tricks and unlock so many excellent nuggets in Lightroom!

So much of what can make a good image great happens in post processing. I firmly believe that it’s essential to edit your RAW photos. It’s one thing to take a great photo and another thing to do a great edit and I feel an image isn’t finished until it’s properly edited.

In this video, I start by using a Lightroom Develop preset as my baseline. I love presets and often start with them and tweak from there. Not all presets work well just as they are, but can provide a great starting point for an edit. I then go thru the Develop module and show you guys my process for editing and retouching an image all in Lightroom every step of the way.

Lightroom is incredibly robust and full of amazing features. There is no right or wrong with editing, but I feel that less is more and when editing it’s about a gradual progression. My goal is to elevate a photo without making it look overly processed or surreal. This is a fine balance and takes some practice and the great thing about shooting RAW and editing in Lightroom, is that you can always revisit and re-edit a photo as your editing process progresses.

I hope you find all the Lightroom tips, tricks and nuggets I share in this video helpful to your workflow.

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Miriam, Dead Sea Israel