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The KING of all camera bags!!!

In this video, I unbox the ThinkTankPhoto Production Manager 40. I take you thru all of the features, talk about build quality, versatility and even show you my first pack with my lighting kit in the bag. This is the bag I’ve been waiting for and I’m sure there are plenty of photographers out there that will want to scoop one up.

I’ve been a HUGE fan of ThinkTankPhoto camera bags for years. I use them everyday as a professional photographer and couldn’t do my job as effectively without them. The funny thing about camera bags, is that there isn’t just one bag for everything, but the good thing is that ThinkTankPhoto makes a bag for virtually every occasion.

I shoot in so many varied situations that I will sometimes need a smaller bag and other times need a large bag. When I’m running around NYC shooting editorial for magazines, I will often use my ThinkTankPhoto Airport Hard drive backpack. I love this bag because it holds a ton of camera gear and flashes, and I can fit a couple nano stands and collapsable umbrellas all in this bag. And I can even toss a laptop in the back pocket! The bag fits on my back and goes into the subway with me.

When I’m doing bigger shoots where I need more gear, I use my ThinkTankPhoto Airport Security V2. This roller bag is my go-to bag for most shoots because it holds a ton of camera gear as well as my laptop and is easy to roll. I also use my ThinkTankPhoto Airport Navigator for shoots where I need a bunch of gear but don’t need to take the kitchen sink. I love that the Navigator has that huge front pocket for easy access and it comfortably holds my laptop. When traveling, I often use my ThinkTankPhoto Urban Disguise 40 in conjunction with the ThinkTankPhoto Airport Navigator and nest them together when on the move and then separate them as needed. I think of them as a modular set and love how they work together.

So just when I thought I had all the bags I needed, I realized I didn’t have a proper bag for my lighting gear. I have a fairly compact kit comprised of a few Paul Buff Einsteins, some modifiers, battery packs, stands and grip. I’d been spreading this gear out between a few bags, which proved a bit clumsy for getting around and not quite secure. Well, that was until ThinkTankPhoto released the ThinkTankPhoto Production Manager 40. This is THE bag I’ve been waiting for!!! The ThinkTankPhoto Production Manager 40 is a huge bag made to hold lighting gear. It’s super tall and deep and built to the same incredibly tough standards as you’d expect from a ThinkTankPhoto bag.

What amazed me is that despite this rugged build quality, the bag is lightweight and easy to manage. When they build this bag, they built it for working photographers. It comes with an insane amount of dividers that allow for a multitude of interior configurations. I often change the interior configurations of my ThinkTankPhoto bags depending on what gear I may need and with the ThinkTankPhoto Production Manager 40, the possibilities are endless.

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