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Fuji X100T Wireless Camera Control and Printing!

In this video, I show you guys how to wirelessly control a Fuji X100T with an iPhone, transfer the photos from the X100T to the iPhone and print photos wirelessly to a Fuji Instax Share printer.

You guys know by now that I’m a huge Fuji fan. Starting with the original Fuji X100, I was hooked. I remember reading about as details were leaked to the press and jumped on one when they came out and loved it. Sure it was quirky and took a lot of getting used to. The firmware was wonky and the focus slow, but over time Fuji released updates and everything improved.Then the X100s came out. Wow, what a fantastic update. Faster focusing, great new sensor, better ISO. Everything you’d come to love about the Fuji X100 and just better.

Well, flash to the X100T. This new camera in the line of the X100 series is by far the best evolution yet. The body of the camera has been slightly redesigned for better ergonomics. The buttons are laid out a bit differently and are smaller. I miss the larger buttons and the thumb wheel, but after a few minutes of using the camera it’s not a problem. Like most of the new X series, they’ve added a Q button for easily accessing all settings and now a new Fn button on the lower left that can quickly access WiFi. That’s right, the X100T has built-in WiFi, allowing for wireless camera control from your phone or iPad, as well and wireless file transfer.

A lot of camera manufactures have been adding WiFi to their cameras – from consumer-level cameras to medium format, WiFi is becoming more of the norm. The software that Fuji offers, Camera Remote, is pretty basic. It’s a bit of a pain having to go thru so many steps to connect, but once you do it a couple times, it’s no big deal. Being able to wireless connect to your iPhone and have live view on your phone with full camera control is super cool.

I love that you can just touch the screen of your phone to set your focus point. Speaking of focus, the Fuji X100T focuses fast. And coming from owning previous Fuji X100 series cameras, I can tell you the focus has been greatly updated.

Some other updates are even higher ISO capabilities, and the new Classic Chrome film-emulation setting. As someone who loves the look of film, this new setting is fantastic. Great muted tones and color. Another fantastic addition to a already amazing camera.

For wireless printing, you can print directly from the Fuji X100T to the Fuji Intax Share SP-1 or you can transmit the photos from your camera to your phone or iPad and then print with Fuji’s Instax Share software. There are a bunch of steps but after you do it a few times it’s easy. You can print anything from your phone or iPad. Photos from Instagram, Facebook, whatever. And you can print the photos you’ve taken with your X100T just moments after you’ve taken them which is very exciting. You can edit them beforehand, or just print and go.

I’m a bit of a techie and love this sort of thing. I hope the video helps anyone trying to set theirs up for the first time or are considering buying an X100T or Instax and wants to see how easy it can be.

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