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Fuji X100T Review!

In this video, I go back to Tim Harney’s motorcycle shop in Brooklyn to do a 5-minute portrait demonstrating the amazing new Fuji X100T. I share all of my unedited photos with you on screen and talk about settings and mentality. At the end of the shoot, Tim picks his favorite photo and we print it directly from the camera to the Fuji Instax Share printer.

It’s hard to improve on perfection, but Fuji’s done it again with the new Fuji X100T. As you guys know, I’ve been an X100 series camera fan since the first X100 came out. I remember reading up on it and ordered mine the first chance they became available. While the X100 had many quirks, it made up for that with it’s amazing image quality and form factor.

I upgraded when the X100s came out and that camera was a serious improvement. Better sensor, better focusing, better viewfinder, better ISO. I loved that camera and used it all the time until the new Fuji X100T came out and knew I had to have it.

The X100T is a subtle, yet serious evolution of the X100s. If you own an X100, the X100T will be a huge improvement. If you’ve got an X100s, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend running out to upgrade, however there are some very cool new features that were really appealing to me.

For starters, the body is redesigned. There is a bigger right-hand grip that now goes the entire width of the camera. This makes for better handling. The controls are laid out a bit differently and the buttons are smaller. I prefer the larger buttons, but have gotten used to the smaller ones. The scroll wheel was replaced with a 4-way selector and again, I miss the scroll wheel, but can live with that. A drive selector button was added next to the thumbwheel as well as an additional Fn button on the bottom which is set to control WiFi.

The Fuji X100T has built-in WiFi. Now you can control the camera and shoot remotely from your smartphone. You get live-view and camera controls on the phone all done wirelessly. Pretty cool. You can wirelessly print directly to the Fuji Instax Share printer from the camera. Again, pretty cool. All of the wireless functionality is very handy and I especially love that you can make prints on the fly and share them with anyone.

Everything is a bit crisper and quicker with the new processor. The new electronic shutter boasts shutter speeds up to 1/32000 sec. Insane! My Canon 5DMKIII tops out at a measly 1/8000 so having 4 times more shutter speed will mean crushing ambient in bright settings while shooting wide open apertures.

Another huge addition is the Classic Chrome Film Simulation. This may be my favorite new addition. I love the look of film and have always found the Fuji sensors did a great job of this. The new Classic Chrome takes things a lot further and has a really stunning, filmy, vintage, look that emulates classic color from the film days.

To fully demonstrate this new Classic Chrome, I share unedited images in the video. I wanted you guys to see the unedited images right from the camera. I post on screen every image as it’s shot, sharing the native files from the camera. [You will need to update Lightroom to version 5.7 in order to manage the files from the Fuji X100T.]

I should also mention that the ISO range has been extended to an incredible 51200! WOW! And there is a newly-developed electronic rangefinder that boasts highly accurate manual focusing and updated real-time parallax correction which eliminates the need for reframing after focusing. Pretty cool.

I love this little Fuji X100T and use it professionally as well as personally all the time. It’s a permanent part of my camera bag and goes everywhere I go.

I’m not sponsored by Fuji and have nothing to gain by singing their praises, but can’t say enough good stuff about this little camera. The Fuji X100T isn’t for everyone, but if any of you guys are ready to pop on one, you won’t be disappointed. If you were a fan of the X100, and X100s, you will love the X100T even more.

Some final images from the shoot here.

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