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One of the best Marketing and Branding tools for your Photo Bag: Fuji Instax Share

As you know I am huge into branding and marketing and when I find a tool that can help me make an impact I share it. This time around I have the Fuji Instax Share which is a personal wireless printer for your phone or Fuji WIFI enabled cameras.

When Fuji announced this printer a little while ago I wasn’t sure who or what it was for. It was announced that it would be $199 plus the cost of each picture. But when I started to see it in action like I did in Germany when Zack Arias printed photos directly from his X100T I was fascinated. I reached out to FUJI and asked if they would send me a unit to play with and they did.

The APP for the phone is simple and really got the gears turning in my mind. When I saw I could bring in any photo from my phone, add text, add some pre installed graphics and finally print 1 or 101 or more of the same image, I was hooked.

This is a major marketing and branding tool that is in my bag or jacket pocket when I am out an about. It’s perfect for the bar, parties or everyday life to be honest. Why is it a marketing and branding tool you may ask? Simple, you are handing someone a unique photo that is better than a business card. It’s all about standing out and if you hand someone one of these with your number on it or stamped on the bottom or written on the bottom you will be remembered.

One of the photographers I follow, Robert Timko has a custom stamp that he uses to brand each one of his instax prints. That right there is something that makes him stand out and probably gets him jobs.

If you decide to pick one of these up just remember the wifi passowrd is default set to 1111.

Here are a few things to know about this printer before you pick one up. It takes 2 CR2 batteries which are more expensive than AA batteries. A 2 pack of 10 photos will run you $14.99. The photos themselves when printed may not be the sharpest cleanest images but that is nitpicking on my end.

If you use the instax app to take a photo just know it will print it and not save that image. I recommend using your phones camera so you have the ability to save the image, edit it in your app of choice and print it time and time again.

You can find this printer pretty much anywhere cameras are sold online.