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Guess what's back, the RAW Edit: #100

Click Here to DOWNLOAD this RAW FILE.

It’s BACCCCKKKKK though I wont call it the RAW Edit of the week it’s just the RAW Edit with Adam and I. Some of you will remember that for 90 some weeks I posted a RAW Edit of the week where I would give you guys a RAW File to play with.

This is a fun exercise where I edit the RAW file and Adam edits the RAW file than we bring them together to see whos we like better. Not only are there editing tricks to be had but fun as well. The point behind giving you the RAW File to download is so you can try your hand at editing the same files that we edited.

Whos edit to you like better this week and why? Feel free to post the image on the FroKnowsPhoto Facebook page and explain how you made your edit and why.

Click the image below to see our final edits.
Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 9.14.41 AM