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This SONY a9 RAW File Quality BLEW ME AWAY!!

Download the sample RAW File

I was blown away by what I was able to do with this Sony a9 RAW file. I was able to bring back the highlights in an area that looked like it had lost all detail. That means the RAW file retains so much extra data that the JPEG would not have kept. It also shows you how far you can push a file and still maintaining quality in the edited image.

The image was shot RAW uncompressed which is a 14 file. You also have an option to shoot RAW compressed which is still a 14 bit file but is considered lossy. Lossy means you make lose some details in shadow areas. The trade off is one allows you to shoot 12 frames a second where the other gives you 20.

I printed this image out on the Canon Pro 4000 which gave me a 44×62 inch borderless print that looked AMAZING!!!