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SONY a7R IV vs CANON EOS R5 Portrait Photography Comparison | Is there a Difference?

I’m GIVING AWAY A CAMERA VALUED UP TO $4,999!!! Enter the SUper HUGER Camera Giveaway right here I took the Canon EOS R5 and Sony a7R IV and captured very similar portraits at 100 ISO, 200 ISO and 400 ISO for you to compare. I used Canon’s 85 1.2 RF and Sigma’s 85 1.4 DG DN over Sony’s 85 1.4 G Master.

Download the Comparison RAW Files Between the Canon EOS R5 and Sony a7R IV. Zip1 Zip2 Zip3 Zip4

My goal with this video was to give you the files and let you decide which you prefer. I am simply providing you with the tools and example images of portraits, for you to decide.