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Head 2 Head Adobe Lightroom RAW Edit #101: Let's See Your Edit Of This Nikon D5 File Of Matisyahu

Download this weeks RAW File #101

RAW Edit is back!!!! Now’s your chance to show us your edits of this Nikon D5 RAW file. Click the link above to download the RAW DNG file and edit it any way you would like. You can submit your exported JPEG to this dropbox folder for review. Please export it at 2500 pixels on the longest edge.

You can also post your final edit RIGHT HERE on this facebook post for everyone else to see.

“Head 2 Head” is where I take one RAW file and record my edit as well as another photographers edit of the same file. We are working in Adobe Lightroom CC to bring the RAW file to life. This time around I sent the file to Adam Lerner to get his take on my file. Click Here to subscribe to Adam’s YouTube Channel

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Jared’s RAW Edit

Adam’s RAW Edit’s