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Nikon D5 "Real World Review": How I Edited Each RAW File In Adobe Lightroom

With every photo shoot I complete I have to edit the RAW files. Therefore I record my entire editing process as I go through each RAW file in Adobe Lightroom. My goal is to share my thought process behind the photos as well as how I edited them.

Click the links to download zip files that contain photos taken in Real World Situations with the Nikon D5. Click Here to download a FREE Trial of Lightroom so you can open the RAW DNG Files.

Nikon D5: Soccer 1
Nikon D5: Soccer 2
Nikon D5: Baseball
Nikon D5: Hillary Clinton
Nikon D5: Miscellaneous

Click Here to access all the FULL RES Exported JEPGS

Here is the FULL Nikon D5 Real World Review