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5 Min Portrait #001 - With Outtakes

Welcome to the very first 5 Min Portrait VIDEO. What I discovered in the first 5 min is that it may be a little tough to stick to the 5 Min time frame when trying to set up, direct the subject and try to get useful images. There is a pretty good chance that I will go beyond the 5 min on these types of shoots.

The idea behind this first portrait session was to get some nice portraits of Dave in a terrible lighting situation of a bowling alley. In the future I will venture into off camera flash for similar shoots to this. (Click Here to see video of me photographing bowling action)


The whole idea of these videos which I will try and produce as often as possible is to let you get a feel for how I work during a photo shoot. You will get to see how I direct the subject, how I frame and compose the images as well as where I move to find the image. As I take the images you will get a chance to see that shot pop up on the screen with all the shooting data imprinted in the corner.

This is obviously a staged photo shoot where I am directing the subject and looking to capture a particular type of image. I will also be capturing video of my more candid photo shoots. The candid photo shoots will probably have less talking as I will be focused on capturing the subject at hand. For example if I am working with a musician you will see and hear my interactions.

During the bowling photo shoot I used the Nikon D3s along with the Sigma 70-200 2.8 OS and Sigma 85 1.4 lenses.

Don’t forget to watch until the end for some really FUN OUTTAKES. Click more to see the photos from this shoot.