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5 Min Portrait from the Airport with Andy Gibson

You may be asking yourself is this really going to be a 5 min portrait from the airpot, the answer is yes. Ari and I had just arrived at our gate at Philadelphia International Airport where we were flying out to Nashville on our way to SXSW.

I always look around to see who is at your gate and who you will be sharing your flight with. There were three guys who you could tell were musicians so I made sure to say hello. It turns out the musicians name is Andy Gibson and he so happens to be a reader of the site. We stood there talking music and photos for a little while until I decided to do a Live Spreecast.

While I was setting up for the Spreecast Andy came over and asked if we would like for him to play a few songs. All of this is taking place in an airport at 6:50AM by the way. What an amazing experience it was to have Andy play live for everyone at the terminal.

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I figured while I had someone like Andy hanging out I might as well ask if he would take part in a 5 min portrait. What you will see in the video below is a true 5 min portrait. Pay attention to how I am directing Andy and the changes I am making in lenses and focal lengths. Though I only shot for 5 min I was able to capture many different angles with a few lenses. You can see everything from wide scene shots to tight head shots to some in between.

This is what it is all about, being able to set up and shoot anywhere at anytime. When you have a short amount of time to capture images I recommend covering as many angles as possible. In this case I used two different lenses but took everything from wide horizontals and verticals to tighter detail shots and head shots. You will notice that I was not motor driving through the images because I only had a few min. I made sure that I locked my focus in and took one image at a time. I much rather get one solid shot than 3 quick snaps spraying and praying.

This was definitely a fun 5 min portrait and I look forward to bring you more and more.

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