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Photographing Like I was 13 again - 5 Min Portrait with FILM

Nineteen Years ago I borrowed my mothers point and shoot Fuji Discovery 1000 to take pictures of my Jr Highschool Basketball game. That was the first time I ever set out to capture images with a purpose. The other day I relived the entire experience all over again down to the same camera and in the exact same location.

It has been a long road back to where it started and I thought it would be fun to relive experience one more time. The funny thing is I had to find film and batteries for the camera and the only fuji 800 speed film I could find at my friends store was expired. But at this point the film did not much matter it was more about the experience.

It is a challenge to try and capture images with a point and shoot but I have to say I would not trade the way I learned for anything else. The only thing I worried about at the very beginning was capturing an image, anticipating the moment. Even though you are not in control of the cameras settings you are focused on one aspect and one of the most important aspects at that, composition. All the settings and other functions can follow later.

Click Here to view all the images from this ROLL of film

As you will see the photos came out very grainy but with that said I want people to never complain again that their DLSR is so “grainy”. You want grain go shoot film and see what happens and how lucky you have it now to shoot at places like 4000 ISO and higher without issues.

In terms of images captured I think I did a pretty good job anticipating the moment and capturing it. It took me all the way back to when I was 13 trying to capture the same images.

It is amazing trying to think about when I started to take sports pictures. I was a 13 year old kid who didn’t know anything about photography other than point and click when the moment felt right. And in all honesty right off the bat I had a knack for capturing the moment. Sure I didn’t know much else but i certainly spent the next few years trying to figure that out.

Many of you may be in the same boat. If you feel overwhelmed with photography at this point just remember to strip it back to the very basics, get good at one thing before you try to get good at 12.