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These are the BEST Headphones I've ever used, they better be for $2,000 : 64 Audio A12 Review

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Have you ever wondered what type of headphones I use while editing photos / video or when I am reading or traveling? I use what’s called a Custom In Ear Monitor and have been for the last three or so years.

Recently I reached out to 64 Audio to see if I could try out a pair of there in ears. They decided to set me up with a pair of A12’s for review and being that they are custom only to my ears, I get to keep them.

What makes a custom in ear monitor so much better then a pair or Beats by Dre or any other over the ear headphone is the fact that it’s custom molded to your ear. Beyond that it sounds a million times better.

I use my A12s when flying but more importantly when I am editing photos or editing video. For video it’s great because you can hear the audio as it’s supposed to be heard.

Another place I use my A12s is at the coffee shop when i’m reading. For whatever reason, wearing a pair of these and listening to music while reading has allowed me to finally enjoy reading books. I get lost in the book as no outside noise distracts me while my music is playing.

Yes $2,000 is expensive for a paid of headphones but if you’re looking for a pair of custom in ear monitors for yourself they start at $499. You can even get a universal fit pair for $399 which will blow any Beats out of the water.

I wonder if they will upgrade the tech in these and come out with a bluetooth version. Personally i’m waiting for the all digital headphone jack to replace the 3.5mm.