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The Canon 6D Mark II Has TERRIBLE "Dynamic Range" Right? See For Yourself

The Canon 6D Mark II Has Terrible “Dynamic Range” Right? Well…. not exactly. All of this Dynamic Range talk is a little out of hand in my opinion. The reports are that at 100 ISO the dynamic range of the cropped sensor 80D is better than the full frame sensor of the 6D Mark II at the base ISO.

There are two zip files to access the sample RAW files, Zip 1 Zip 2

To put it into numbers, the 80D has 10 stops of DR where the 6D Mark II has around 9 stops when shot at 100 ISO. Once you get passed 320 ISO though, the 6D Mark II is close to being on par with the other full frame bodies. The further you go, the bigger the difference will be over the 80D making the 6D Mark II better at higher IOS’s as it should be.

The point I am making with this video is I want you to download the sample RAW files, edit them and see if you notice any issues at 100 ISO. The truth of the matter is most people would never know the difference between 10 stops or 9 stops of dynamic range.