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I took the Sony a9 ii out with the Sony 200-600mm lens to try and photograph Bald Eagles at Conowingo Dam. I have to say the weather was terrible. It was 34 degrees, 15-20 mile per hour wind gusts with rain and snow at times. Not the most ideal weather for going out to shoot, but I still went out there.

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***NOTE*** At 04:47 I discuss What a DSLR Can’t DO but the Sony a9 II Can. At this point you will see the bird almost completely out of the bottom portion of the frame yet it’s still in focus. NO that’s not a usable image but the fact that you can still have tracking with the bird outside of the actual frame means as you quickly recompose the auto focus will continue to track the subject. Where as with a DSLR, if you lose the bird outside of the focus points, you will have a tougher time getting the auto focus to re acquire and track your subject. In no way am I saying you can’t photograph birds with a DSLR! Most nature photographers are using and have been using DSLR’s to capture birds for years. Again, I am pointing out the tracking capability edge to edge and the ability to stay on the subject even when the subject is barely in the frame.

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