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Adobe Sent Me A MYSTERY Box In The Mail: What Could It Be

Who doesn’t like a mystery box that comes in the mail even if it is “marketing” material. Postman FRO stopped at my door today to bring me a package from Adobe!!!! First off it’s pretty cool that Adobe reached out to me via a direct message on twitter to ask me for my address.

What is in this mystery box with notes on it that came via Fedex? On the box it mentioned sitting back with your feet up and relaxing. It showed a guy with an tablet of sorts working away while relaxing. My first hope was that it would be an Ipad MINI, could it be?

I opened up this box and my hopes of an Ipad mini were dashed, crushed, shattered, left for dead, so on and so forth. But what was in there was a LR Pillow, some Almonds, LR Socks, Ipad stylus/pen and a FREE year of Creative Cloud.

We all get marketed to all the time, this was just a different form of marketing and branding. I personally don’t read to many boring press releases that get sent to me, let alone respond to most marketing. I have to say this was a clever way to make me aware of their new Lightroom Mobile service #LRmobile .

What can we learn from this video and what Adobe did here. We can learn that marketing and branding is ALIVE and well you just have to be creative to grab someones attention. If they were to send me a bs press release I would have ignored it. Being that they physically sent me something that made my smile and laugh I decided to make a Postman Fro Video.

Learn from this, learn that you have to stand out, do something unique, cute or funny. You don’t have to spend a ton of money or give out Ipads to capture someones attention. You simply need to make them smile or laugh with something simple that will help them remember you.