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Black and White Adobe Lightroom Edit - Concert Photography

For this weeks photo of the week I chose a fun image of a little kid (Mikey) rocking out at a concert. This was captured at FUZZstock 2009 which I put on with Ari Halbkram and the help of many many people.

What I liked about this image is of course how cute the kid is and what he is doing in the picture. He is rocking out to one of the bands on stage and showing his appreciation. In the video I talk about the image I captured right before this being to far away and having a distracting background. I had on the 24-70 2.8 where it would have been better to have the 70-200 to capture the shot I was looking for. With that said I had to react fast to get the composition I really intended for. I did not want to crop the other image so I got in as close as I could to fill the frame and captured the image I pictured in my head.

In this image you can see that the background is not as distracting and I was able to even blow it out. I love the black and white conversion as it makes everything in it go BOOM. This conversion took a matter of seconds to tweak as you know I don’t spend all day over analyzing the edits I make.

I just really liked this image, capturing a little kid rocking out at a show with his horns up doesn’t happen every day.