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Photo of the Week - Matisyahu

As most of you know I was out on tour with Matisyahu for a few days a few weeks back. When you venture onto the road you are entering a family, a family that has lived together for weeks if not months.

You have to have the ability to fit right in, know when to say something and know when not to. You are the new guy and you do not want to make waves or say things you think are funny but may be taken the wrong way.

I will get into more detail about the tour sometime soon. This post is about the Photo of the Week and one photo that just grabbed me and surprised me when I started to edit it.

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When I am doing my initial selections in Adobe Lightroom I am looking for photos that stand out or may stand out once edited. After I make my initial selections I than only edit those to save time.

When it came time to edit the image below I thought that it may work but possibly it may be an image I skip past. As soon as I started to do my edits and add contrast and black levels I was floored. I sat here and said “WOW” this could be the next shot that Matis chooses to use.

You never know when those wow moments will happen and sometimes during a tour they may not happen. The first time I photographed Matis I captured that insane live shot with the golden light around wrapping around his body and face. I thought that it would be hard to top an image like that. That was until I saw this image and how it really stood out to me.

First I want to point out that I did cut off part of his toe which was the first thing I saw with this image. I guess I can live with that when the rest of the image really stands out to me. I love the light in the background above his head. I love how he is standing with his one arm out, head back, singing into the microphone surrounded by his name.

All the elements came together in this photo to make it what I think is one of my strongest live photos to date.