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My work seen on PBS of Matisyahu

Watch Matisyahu on PBS. See more from On Canvas.

As many of you know I have toured with musician Matisyahu and captured some amazing behind the scenes images. PBS called and asked if I could supply them with some photos for their feature on Matis.

Being that they are a publicly funding station guess how much they wanted to pay, any guesses, Zero. What I said to the guy is I will let you use the images if you consider doing a feature on me and my photography. Why not ask for something in return if they can not offer you money.

Enjoy the feature below and keep an eye out for my images and photo credit at the very end. IT looks like you have to go to their site to watch the full 28min.

NO I did not get paid for my images to be used on TV on PBS but I gave them full permission to use them. check out the full episode with my images here.

Let me tell you why, they told me they did not have a budget, I didn’t say screw you, you must pay me or go find someone elses sub par Matisyahu Photos.

What I said to them was “I will let you use them if you do a story on my photography”. Did I get a yes, no but I did get I will send over some information to the people who make the decisions on that.

It is also a good thing because my work is out there on TV being seen with my photo credit. It gives me more credibility because its being used on TV. It looks good to the artist who has really fantastic quality photos of him cut in opposed to no images or sub par images.

It comes down to they did not have a budget to spend at this time and I didn’t make a huge deal about it. I want my work seen and you never know, it could lead to something paying in the future.