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Photography Tutorial Aperture and F Stops Explained Part 2 + Assignment #001

Last week in Part 1 I showed you what happens when you go from F/1.4 to F/16. You saw me laying in the grass photographing Kermit with a 50mm lens and the Nikon D3s. A few people commented that focal length and distance will effect your depth of field and they are absolutely
correct. This was just one example showing you in this situation how the background would be effected by changing your f stops.

In part two I sit down to show you the final images and go into more detail about what is going in each image. Showing you the effects that the f stop changes had at different stops in the range. I also discuss how different lenses would effect the background as well as how being closer or further away from your subject could effect it as well.

This brings us up to the big announcement and addition to the Super Secret Project. It is time to announce Assignments, so many of you have been asking for assignments to help you become better photographers. The reason for assignments is simple, there is only so much I can cover in a short video but as a community working together we can all learn from each other.

Assignment #001 goes hand and hand with understanding what your aperture and f stops actually do and how different focal lengths, lenses and distances from your subjects effect your image. I would like you to photograph indoors or out an object that wont move like a toy, a stuffed animal and old action figure (bonus points if its He-Man) or just anything that works for you. What you are trying to do is see the effect that your lens, distance and Aperture have on your final results. If you have a tripod it would be great to get on it to have consistent images.

If you are feeling adventurous try shooting with two different lenses, one long one short. You can also try shooting the same lens one time close to the subject than another a little further back. This way you will see how changing your distance will effect the final image.

The whole point of these assignments is to get you to try and than see exactly how one thing effects the other in your image. Be sure to post your results right here in the Assignment #001 section so that everyone can learn from what you captured. That is the goal of these assignments, to learn from each other and see a large cross sections of examples.

In order to take part in and see the Assignment results you have to be logged into the forum. You can sign up with Facebook connect and it is FREE.

Good luck have fun and lets learn from each other.