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Photography Tutorial - Aperture and F Stops Explained Part 1

I am from the school that the best way to learn is by seeing and doing. In Part 1 of this tutorial I will show you as I am shooting exactly how changing the F Stop will effect your final image. I am more interested in showing you the effect of changing the F stop more so than worrying about the overall exposure.

What you are going to see is a simple test running your F Stop from F/1.4 all the way to F/16. What you will see is at F/1.4 the background is totally blown out and your focus is very narrow or shallow. As I change the F Stops and go up in numbers you will see how the background starts to come out and become more clear.

In Part 2 I will show you each image via a screen flow and explain exactly what is going on when you are changing your F Stops. I will start to explain briefly how changing your F Stops also effects your Shutter Speed. I will be going into more detail about that in another Super Secret Project video.

In the next few days I will be announcing something new that will tie in with these Super Secret Project posts so defiantly keep an eye out for that in your inbox, youtube or this page.

This is a sample images at F/5.6 see how the background is not full blown out click the image to view the rest of the sample images.

F stops explained