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Super Secret Project - The Basics of Composition


To me composition should be one of the main focuses when you are just starting out with photography. Looking back when I first started out you could usually see that the images were composed well even if the exposures were not even close. Early on my exposure were terrible, I didn’t know any better but to me its more important early on to see the image and compose it.

In this video you see me shoot kermit again and try to find the image with a subject that is not moving. You will see me move around as I try to find the right composition to capture the image. If you are a noobie I fully suggest leaving your lens at one focal length and just seeing the world that way for a while. It is going to force you to move your feet, fill the frame and start to see the images.

1. Change your angle depending on what you are photographing
2. Watch out for mergers in the background
3. Don’t be afraid to move to find the image opposed to asking the subject to move
4. Make sure to check the edges of the view finder
5. Get closer