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How To resize your photo

Super Secret Project Time.

How many of you would be unsure how to resize your image to 1000 pixels on the longest side. I know the answer would be some of you and that is ok, I was at a loss for a long time when I first started out as well.

I decided to open the three programs on my Mac that are capable of resizing images to show how easy it really is. I started off with Adobe Lightroom than went to Adobe Photoshop and finally tried using Apple Iphoto for the very first time. What I found is that each program has the same ability to resize your images and its very easy.

There are many more programs out there like Adobe Elements, Picasa and I am sure Microsoft has a few offerings that all would resize your images. Now that you see how easy this is, which program do you use to resize your images, I would be curious to see the ratios. Please leave a comment below.