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Assignment #001 Wrap Up and Weekend Photo Section

What a great response to the very first FroKnowsPhoto assignment we had. You guys did an AMAZING job showing everything from shooting with a wide angle to fish eye to long lens to show how your F-Stops would be effected. It was great to see that some people tried the assignment a few different ways and posted their findings.

If you didn’t get a chance to try out the assignment be sure to CLICK HERE to see all the results as well as post yours.

I will be announcing a NEW ASSIGNMENT next week so defiantly keep and eye out for that.

Have you seen the new WEEKEND section where you can post the images you take on the weekend as well as see what everyone else is shooting? Last week was the first week and there were so many amazing images posted. Click Here to access that section. For this weekend I thought it would be great to suggest that if you have pets or animals that you go out and photograph them and post them RIGHT HERE in this weeks weekend section. Feel free to post your regular non pet shots as well. I will be posting shots from the ROOTS concert that I will be shooting tomorrow and it would be great to see what you are all shooting as well!!!